Instruction to design woven label

You should consider the woven label size, material, fold ways, LOGO size, position, color etc.Pay attention to primary and secondary consequence of design content, what people see firstly is most important. Avoid reading difficulty especially there are too many texts in design.There are of course some special design requirements need considering of the label and clothing overall effect like when the background and texts are both white or black.

damask woven label
High density Damask woven labels 1177 center fold Damask woven labels 1113 High density Damask woven labels 1196

If your clothing is casual style, we suggest using damask woven label.
Because damask woven label is more comfortable on skin, and can make complicate texts and colors.
If your clothing is luxury, you can use satin selvage woven label. Continue reading “Instruction to design woven label”