How to choose hang tag string material?

How to choose string material for hang tag string?
It needs not only match with the snap lock, but also match with brand styles. Usually the string material include polyester string, satin tape, cotton string, hemp string, paper string, plastic string, nylon string, etc.

  • Polyester string is the most widely used because of its rich colors, good color fastness, smooth, not easy to fluff, not easy to bend etc.
    black logo embossed snap lock fastener hang tag string seal with Polyester string violet string seal design bullet with Polyester string
  • The hemp string, cotton string, paper string, they are natural plant material so there will be more or less impurities and fluff, and they have color difference problem. The advantages are they look nature, so it fits some clothing styles well like vantage clothing brand, baby brands which clothing are mainly made of cotton.
    white logo embossed hang tag string with cotton string will be more fluff Beige white string seal new design bullet with cotton string will be more fluff
  • Satin tape, it looks very smooth, glossy and a little bit shiny, so it expresses a luxury feeling, so it is mainly used on some suits or shirts.
    Beige white gold logo embossed hang tag string with with Satin tape string black string seal new design bullet with glossy Satin tape string
  • Some other string like nylon string, metallic string, plastic string. They are not so popular, but they will be used in some very featured clothing brands.
    Clear and transparent hangtags string like buckle with plastic string gold hang tag string with safety pin and metallic string


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