Custom embossed leather labels

Many clients would think twice about how to present their logo to match the brands when custom leather labels, but the results often come out of expectation. If you have learned the leather label logo dealing technique, the results will get much better.

We mainly use 4 kinds technique to customize logo on leather labels, that is embossed, printing, embroidered, and adding metal label.

  1. The most widely used technique is embossed leather labels. Firstly, we create a metal mold according to your logo, then emboss (hot press) the mold onto leather label surface, thus your logo will be embossed on leather label, also the logo color will change slightly because it is burnt. The logo remains long time because the logo is physically formed. Embossing technique is most suitable for “big” logo, like bold letters, a dog image, it is due to the size of mold which can not be made too thin.
    embossed leather labels 0829
  2. Another technique is to print logo on leather label-mainly using silkscreen print. It’s a good choice If you want to express bright color on leather label, it can print simple letters or a whole background. So, no matter what your logo looks like, it can be printed.
    leather labels printed 0823
  3. You can also embroidery logo on leather labels, embroidered leather labels is the combination of leather and string. The string color is various so that means the logo color can be various. This technique is complex so it requires long time for production. The disadvantage is that the logo can not use for very long time.
    leather patches embroidered 0727
  4. If you are pursing the luxury feeling of leather labels, you can add a metal logo on leather label. Its two products separately, it combines a metal product made into your logo and a leather base customize to the size you need. Leather patch metal label is very luxury, they are mostly used in leather bags, leather furniture. Of course, the price is not cheap.
    leather patch metal label 0875

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