Attaching metal tags | sew on metal tags

Many clients do not know how to attach a metal tag on clothing. Could it be sewn? Could it be nailed? Our professional experience will teach you some popular attaching methods.

  1. Adding holes for sew on metal tags. There is usually a hole each side of metal tags, clothing factory can sew the metal tags on clothing; sometimes there is just a hole on one side for the metal tags to be hanging. It is the mostly used attaching method.
    sew on metal tags 0882
  2. Adding rivets and plate backside. Rivets could be two or three or more, then create a metal plate according to rivets. Using a special pressing machine (motor-machine or hand-machine), pressing the rivets, the rivets shape will change and stuck into the plate. The advantage is that from frontside customers cannot see attaching mark.
    metal rivet tags 0864 metal rivet tags 0860
  3. Adding foldable legs and plate. Customers also cannot see attaching marks from metal tag frontside, but its simpler to attaching it on clothing, it can be installed without any tools. Penetrate the foldable legs into clothing, adjust the legs space into the plate so that they can be stuck well.
    attaching metal tags 0875 attaching metal tags 0876
  4. Metal name badges with magnetic back or safety pin backside. It is very simple, like normal safety pin, can take off after attaching.
    metal name badges 0688 metal name badges 050
  5. Self adhesive metal tags. The metal tag will be glued directly, so the metal tag should be small and thin, because the metal tag will fall if it is heavy.
    self adhesive metal tags 0911
  6. Metal keyring
    Metal keyring 0691
  7. Adding nails backside. The nails are very strong, so that they are mainly used on wood furniture. Usually not used on clothing.

Attach a metal tag on clothing, the attaching methods can be sewing, adding foldable legs, adding rivets and plates, adding safety pin or glue directly

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