Leather labels for jeans | bags

Leather labels are very import for brands, widely used in every industry. You can customize such leather labels for jeans, hats, bags, clothing etc.

  • In clothing industry like jeans, there will be a leather patch on the background, with different color like tan, brown or black, with logo engraved or adding a metal logo, this patch is often pretty large.
    leather labels for jeans 0853
  • Leather jacket or coats can also customize leather labels, it is often a real leather patch, sewn on the sleeve or the chest position, the shape is often round or square, logo on it is well created.
    leather-labels-for-clothing 0686
  • Ladies leather hand bag is always one unit with leather labels, bags usually do not have logo itself, so leather labels is the only tag to show logo, these leather labels are made of best material, the surface will have texture, edges are smooth.
    leather labels for bags 0669
  • Leather furniture will also use leather labels, sewn on the furniture surface or the inside edge, the material and size is various.
  • There will also use leather labels in shoes, it can be glued on or sewn on.
  • Leather labels are also popular in other industry, like sports, hats, packaging, you can find them everywhere

Leather labels are one important factor in decorating brands no matter which industry, always express the signal of mystery, cool and elegance. You can customize such leather labels for your brands.

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