Embossed Leather Patch | Metal Leather Patch

Many clients would think twice about how to present their logo to match the brands when custom leather labels, but the results often come out of expectation. If you have learned the leather patch logo dealing technique, the results will get much better. We mainly use 4 kinds technique to customize logo on leather patches, that is embossed leather patch, printing, embroidered, and adding metal label.

Embossed leather patch

The most widely used technique is embossed leather patch. Firstly, we create a metal mold according to your logo, then emboss (hot press) the mold onto leather patch surface, thus your logo will be embossed on leather patch, also the logo color will change slightly because it is burnt. The logo remains long time because the logo is physically formed. Embossing technique is most suitable for “big” logo, like bold letters, a dog image, it is due to the size of mold which can not be made too thin.

Embossed leather patch 0828

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Custom Leather Labels for clothing

Leather labels are often used in high-end clothing brands. Custom personalized high-end leather clothing labels requires the help of various high-quality leather materials and logo techniques. Genuine leather or faux leather? embossed or printed? Each craft has its own unique charm. Create your own personalized leather clothing labels, you can’t underestimate its importance. It can use any color of your brand, and highlight your logo. Make your brand identity stand out.

Custom leather labels for clothing
Leather label catalogue

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