Faux Leather Patches vs Genuine Leather Label

There are mainly three types of leather which are used to custom leather labels: real/genuine leather label, faux leather patches (pu leather patches), suede clothing labels.

Real/genuine leather label

The genuine leather label are from animal skins, like pig skin, cattle skin or crocodile skin. It has elegant appearance, soft and plump feel, good durability and flexibility, every genuine leather label has its unique texture, Real leather label usually is 2mm thickness, and feels heavy. But price is relatively higher.
Our genuine leather label generally use split leather. Although its sturdiness and durability are not as good as full grain leather, its price is lower and its appearance is similar. As a label, it is the most suitable choice. Of course, if you need luxurious genuine leather labels, you can also choose full grain leather with the strongest and most durable.

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Custom Leather Labels for clothing

Leather labels are often used in high-end clothing brands. Custom personalized high-end leather clothing labels requires the help of various high-quality leather materials and logo techniques. Genuine leather or faux leather? embossed or printed? Each craft has its own unique charm. Create your own personalized leather clothing labels, you can’t underestimate its importance. It can use any color of your brand, and highlight your logo. Make your brand identity stand out.

Custom leather labels for clothing
Leather label catalogue

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