Hang Tag String Seal with Name Logo

Custom hang tag string seal with name logo. The seal can emboss, engrave or print your logo or text. There are different materials and styles of hang tag string, you need choose the one matching your hang tags and products.
The seals can withstand a weight of 1 kg, and can put to any types of products, including clothing, jewelry, furniture, shoes, etc.

Hang Tag String Seal with Name Logo
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String seal tag option with logo

Plastic string seal tag are the most common type, and you can emboss, engrave and print name logo. Plastic string seal can make any color, any size or shape ideally, and the price is very cheap. Besides, you can also customize the hang tag string snap lock fastener without logo.

Plastic string seal tag
Plastic string seal tag
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Hang Tag String Snap Lock Fastener

Custom and wholesale all kinds of hang tag string snap lock fastener for your artwork. square shaped? bullet head? round? Or other styles? They can all custom your logo.

Our hang tag string snap lock fastener are strong enough to help protect you from fraudulent returns. And it can easily attach hang tags to clothing, hats, jewelry, bags, shoes and other products without any tools. All in all, our hang tag fastener is a ideal choice.

Perfect size, color and rope material

You can choose any perfect size, color and rope material to match your clothing.
Black, white, silver, gold, or any brand color you need. (It is more accurate to choose the color according to Pantone card)

Hang tag string snap lock fastener without logo

It is the combination of hang tag fastener(square shaped, bullet head, round etc.) and rope (cotton, polyester and other ropes). The price is very cheap.



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