Gold plated name tags | Gold metal name badges

Gold metal name badges are the most commonly used metal badges. Most companies choose gold plated name tags, because it can match the clothing perfectly. Especially black formal wear, gold name tags and black formal wear can blend together well. The shiny gold can make the brand logo, or name, more prominent. Of course, you can also choose to customize metal badges in other colors. Such as silver,bronze, black, etc.


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Custom metal name plates | Reusable metal name tags

We can custom metal name plates of any attachment methods according to your requirements.
What are the methods for attach the metal name plate? Our professional experience will teach you some popular attaching methods.
You can choose reusable metal name tags (magnetic or pin back or other methods), or sewing, adhesive, rivets and plate backside, foldable legs and plate, nails backside.

Custom metal name plates

Reusable metal name tags

Adding magnetic or pin back. It is very simple, like normal safety pin, can take off after attaching, reusable. Usually used in company badges, staff badges. Printing the company logo on metal plate can promote the brand well.
You can also design a beautiful brooch and give it to your customers as a jewelry gift.

Reusable metal name tags 0919

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Metal engraved name tags with logo

First of all, metal name tags can be customized into any shapes according to your logo or text, mainly can be divided into logo engraved, hollow logo, logo itself shapes and logo embossed.

Engraved metal name tags:

This kind metal tag is often a flat plate, the plate can be round, square or any other shapes; the logo engraved the plate is often very simple or a few letters. The logo sinks into the plate. You can also filling any logo color (we can customize the logo color according to the PANTONE color card, it can make the color more accurate).


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