Custom Metal Tags with Different Fixing

“” custom metal tags with different fixing methods for clothing, jewelry, bags, furniture, etc.

What are the fixing methods of the metal tags? Our professional experience will teach you some popular fixing methods. You can choose sewing, adhesives, adding rivets and plates, adding foldable legs, nail backs or reusable metal name tags (magnetic or safety pin back).

Sew on metal tags

Adding holes for sewing. There is usually a hole each side of metal label, clothing factory can sew the label on clothing. It is the mostly popular fixing method for clothing metal tags;

Sometimes there is just a hole on one side for the metal tags to be hanging. This fixing method is popular for metal jewelry tags.

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Sew on metal tags 935
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Metal Tags for Clothing | Metal Labels

Custom high-quality metal tags and labels. Our rich material and logo technology can make your clothing brand standing out.

Zinc alloy, aluminum, copper or stainless steel? Engraving, embossing or printing? Or more unique epoxy or add leather patches? Each material and technology has its own unique charm.

Metal tags are not only used as jeans buttons and bag chains, but also can be used as clothing labels to attach onto clothing. The main function is to customize unique logo to your high-quality clothing. Thus, Metal tag is an indispensable element for clothing decoration.

Metal Tags Labels for Clothing

Metal Tags Photo Gallery

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