Hang tag string material | Cotton hang tag string

How to choose string materials for hang tag string?
It needs not only match with the snap lock, but also match with brand styles. Usually the string material include polyester hang tag string. Cotton hang tag string, hemp hang tag string, paper hang tag string. Satin hang tag string, leather hang tag string. Plastic hang tag string, nylon hang tag string, metallic hang tag string, elastic string etc.

  • Polyester hang tag string is the most widely used because of its rich colors, good color fastness, smooth, not easy to fluff, not easy to bend etc.
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String seal tag | Plastic hang tag string

In this article, the hang tag string we talk about is the string seal with logo.

Hang tag string is relatively rare in categories, mainly in plastic string seal tag, Aluminum string seal tag, epoxy string seal tag, metal string seal tag etc.

  • Plastic hang tag string is most common, it is by putting plastic liquid into a mold, connecting the string, after drying, printing color on the seal, then cutting into pieces. Plastic hang tag string can make any color, any size or shape ideally, and the price is very cheap.

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Plastic hang tag string for clothing

“Clothingtags.cn” customizes a variety of plastic hang tag string, including bullet hangtag string, two-in-one seal, Epoxy string seal, silk screen string seal, general hangtag string, single-stuck hang tag string, hang tag string with safety pins, etc.

Logo technology, length, plastic seal size, color, etc. can be customized according to your needs.

Hang tag string are used in clothing, shoes, hats, reusable shopping bags, jewelry and other products that require hang tags.

hang tag string options
Hang tag string catalogue

From hang tag string material, hang tag string design, hang tag string technology etc, determine whether the hang tag string suppliers is of high quality.

Our hang tag string is easy to tighten by hand and will be permanently locked after use. If they are locked, they cannot be reused. (It is hard to remove it by hand because it is very strong)

If you need hanging tag string, you can contact us. We have a good pre-sales and after-sales service to ensure the quality of the hanging tag string and make your products more refined.


String: satin, nylon rope, polyester rope, cotton rope, waxed cotton string etc.

Logo technology: hot stamping gold/silver, printing, etc.

Seal: mainly plastic

Color: according to your needs

Size: according to your needs

Hang tag string usually are connected with hang tags. So, custom hang tag with string, the size must be considered, especially the string end diameter.