Custom Printed Satin Labels For Clothing

Custom high-end satin printed labels, you can use it for any clothing series. Including T-shirts, swimwear, underwear, baby clothes, quilts, hats, accessories, etc. We use high-grade satin materials with smooth selvage, which is soft and shiny, so that it can add an impressive finishing to your clothing.

Various personalized satin materials are combined with durable screen printing to achieve the best washing effect. Our label color will not fade after long-term washing, and our label can print very small logos and letters. If you need more high-end satin labels, you can also choose our satin woven labels.

Screen printing label cost is high for printing too many colors, and can not gradient colors. If your logo has multiple color, you can choose our digital printed labels.

Printed Satin Labels

Printed Satin Labels

Printed Satin Ribbon


Printed Grosgrain Satin Labels


Satin woven labels

Satin Woven Labels

Digital Printed Labels-949

Digital Printed Labels


3D Logo 0.1-1 mm

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Screen Printed Labels For Clothing

Custom durable silk screen printed labels to add a high-end appearance to your clothing. A variety of different materials and logo technologies are available for you to create your own unique label series.

Silk screen printing is suitable for all kinds of printed fabric labels, including satin labels, cotton labels, Tyvek labels, grosgrain, twill, canvas, ribbons, etc. You can have countless ideas and creativity to create your own brand story.

Silk screen printing can not only print flat effect, but also can print 3D effect.







printed-label-3D Logo 1

3D Logo 1

Printed-Fabric-Labels-3D Logo 2

3D Logo 2



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