Manhattan Fold Label and Other Label Fold Types

Clothing labels sew on different locations, need to choose different label fold types.
You can choose manhattan fold label, end fold labels, center fold label, straight cut labels, loop fold label, miter fold label and die cut any shape.

Manhattan fold label

If your design needs sewing labels on the edges of clothes, such as the cuffs of T-shirts, the hem of clothes, the edge of hat, etc. You need to choose the manhattan fold label.
The manhattan fold label is composed of center fold and end fold. The center fold is to make it more convenient to sew clothing labels. (If the edge is thicker, it is generally not folded, such as the edge of a knitted hat. Not folded, the label can be fit to the thick edge.

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The end fold is to prevent the edge of the label from fraying, prevent skin irritation and make clothes more high-end.

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Satin Printed Labels | Printed Cotton Clothing Labels

Generally, the most commonly used printed fabric labels are: satin printed labels, printed cotton clothing labels, cotton twill printed labels, rubberized fabric labels, ribbon labels, etc.

Satin printed labels

Satin printed labels is mainly made of polyester. It is economical and can achieve the best washing effect, will not fade after long-term washing. It is delicate, slippery and comfortable to touch the skin. Satin printed labels are the most common printed clothing labels. Almost any clothing and washing products will use it; it is usually used as a washing instruction mark, and sometimes it is also used as the main label and size label. It is usually middle-folded, sewn on the inside of the garment.
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Printed Fabric Care Labels on Clothes

Printed fabric care labels, also called washing labels, is a kind of outcome in printing industry. The main function of the care labels on clothes is to guide users to wash and maintain their clothing correctly. Prevent clothing from being damaged by wrong washing methods. it is usually sewn in the back collar, under or next to the main label; or sewn in the back waist, at the side seam position; sometimes also sewn on the cuffs.

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Custom Printed Labels for Clothing | Printed Fabric Logo Labels

We custom high quality printed fabric labels, including care labels, size labels, main labels etc. Widely used in clothing brand, children’s products, hats, accessories, etc. Our printed fabric labels are made of the highest quality materials with excellent durability (no matter by washing, scratching, smudging or alcohol). After repeated washing (including dry cleaning), the printed fabric logo labels still remains clear.

Custom printed fabric labels
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