Hang tag string suppliers

Any suppliers of hang tag string will say they provide best quality products at the time of publicity, but the results often come out disappointingly. Therefore, it is necessary to have a specific basis to determine whether the supplier’s hang tag string is of high quality. Such as hang tag string design, hang tag string technology, hang tag string material, etc.

  • Hang tag string design: According to the design, the strength of the supplier can be judged from the side, whether it is innovative. If there is no difference between the design of the supplier and the market, it means that the suppliers are not innovative enough.


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String seal tag | Plastic hang tag string

In this article, the hang tag string we talk about is the string seal with logo.

Hang tag string is relatively rare in categories, mainly in plastic string seal tag, Aluminum string seal tag, epoxy string seal tag, metal string seal tag etc.

  • Plastic hang tag string is most common, it is by putting plastic liquid into a mold, connecting the string, after drying, printing color on the seal, then cutting into pieces. Plastic hang tag string can make any color, any size or shape ideally, and the price is very cheap.

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