Woven Labels Manufacturers and Suppliers

ClothingTAGs.cn is a high-quality woven labels manufacturers and suppliers. We provide custom high-quality woven Label to global clothing brands. We provide a full range of woven labels, such as main labels, care labels, size labels, etc. Our minimum order quantity is small, can meet the needs of small businesses. Moreover, our price is competitive, and our quality is high-level.


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Manhattan Fold Label and Other Label Fold Types

Clothing labels sew on different locations, need to choose different label fold types.
You can choose manhattan fold label, end fold labels, center fold label, straight cut labels, loop fold label, miter fold label and die cut any shape.

Manhattan fold label

If your design needs sewing labels on the edges of clothes, such as the cuffs of T-shirts, the hem of clothes, the edge of hat, etc. You need to choose the manhattan fold label.

  • The manhattan fold label is the combination of center fold and end fold. The center fold is to make it more convenient to sew clothing labels. (If the edge is thick, no need folds generally, such as the edge of a knitted hat. Without folds, the label can be fit to the thick edge.)
    printed-label-752Manhattan fold label 753
  • The end fold is to prevent the edge of the label from fraying, prevent skin irritation and make clothes more high-end.

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What is a woven label? | How to make woven labels?

What is a woven label?

Woven label express logos, text and graphics through fine yarn. It has the characteristics of high quality, various color, soft hand feeling, etc. It is widely used in many high quality clothing, because it has beautiful looks, and price is economic.

About the price of woven labels:

The price of woven labels is higher than that of printed labels, and its quality is better.
Although larger quantity of woven labels, the lower unit price, but too much inventory will also reduce your profits.
Therefore, it is very important to find a woven labels manufacturers who can do small quantity with reasonable prices.

About the color of woven labels:

Although printed labels can have more colors than woven labels, woven labels can also have enough colors (8 colors are available). It’s just that the logo styles of the two are different, and the price of woven labels will be higher. Woven labels and printed labels have their own advantages.
Therefore, it is very important to choose the right label according to your needs.

What is a woven label

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Satin woven labels | Quality woven labels

Satin woven labels is very top-graded with good quality, widely used in luxury clothing like suits, coats, hand bags, lace dresses etc.

High quality satin woven labels

High quality woven labels generally use satin woven labels, because its surface looks smooth and slightly shiny, more featured than damask woven labels. Edge is well selvage, and is comfortable to touch skin.

High quality satin woven labels
Satin Woven Labels Photo Gallery

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High Definition Woven Labels of Damask

Damask high definition woven labels are very normal woven logo labels with low cost. Damask woven labels are very soft to touch, so they are widely used in skin-touch clothing like T-shirts, knitting, hats, sportswear, underwear, sweater etc.

High Definition Woven Labels

Our high definition woven labels is made with high density string. Your woven labels design can be well woven to better show the details of your logo.
If your logo are very tiny and thin, then using our thin and high density string can make your logo very delicate.

High Definition Damask woven labels
Damask Woven Labels Photo Gallery

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Woven Labels with Own Logo Name for Clothing

“ClothingTAGs.cn” custom woven name labels , which are mainly used for clothing, shoes and hats, home textiles, toys, handbags, suitcases, ties, etc.. By using high-quality materials and logo sewing crafts, our labels can ensure excellent quality and durability. Our MOQ is small quantity to meet the needs of small businesses.

Woven name labels for clothing

Woven labels with personalized name will make your clothing more attractive. Thus, create a personalized name woven labels from us will impress your customers.
We can customize the materials, sizes, colors and technique according to your needs.
You can choose soft and matte damask woven labels, which are woven with fine yarn,  high density, woven logo is clear, and the colors can be arbitrarily matched.
You can also choose a soft and luster satin woven labels, its yarn density is not high, but there are woven edge on the top and bottom, looks more high-end.

Woven labels for clothing
Satin Woven Labels Photo Gallery
woven labels with own logo
Damask Woven Labels Photo Gallery

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