What is a woven label? | How to make woven labels?

What is a woven label?

Woven label express logos, text and graphics through fine yarn. It has the characteristics of high quality, firm color, soft hand feeling, etc.
It is widely used in many high quality clothing because of its unique woven method.

About the price of woven labels:

The price of woven labels will be higher than that of printed labels, and its quality is better.
Although the more custom woven labels, the lower the unit price, but too much inventory will also reduce your profits.
Therefore, it is very important to find a supplier of custom woven labels small quantity and reasonable prices.

About the color of woven labels:

Although printed labels can be customized in more colors than woven labels, woven labels can also be woven in enough colors (8 colors are available). It’s just that the logo styles of the two are different, and the price of woven labels will be higher. Woven labels and printed labels have their own advantages.
It is very important to choose the right label according to your needs.

How to make woven labels?

The materials of woven labels are usually polyester and cotton, It is divided into damask woven labels and satin woven labels.

Make damask woven labels
  • First woven the logo on a whole piece of fabric (the high density woven label logo quality will be better).
  • After woven the logo on the fabric, cut it into a complete label.
    Cutting is usually divided into hot cutting and ultrasonic cutting. We use ultrasonic cutting by default, because hot cut labels are easy to irritate the skin, ultrasonic cut labels are smoother.
    Make damask woven labels 1203
Make satin woven labels
  • The satin woven label does not need to be cut, because it is woven at once.
    Although the density of the logo is not high, it has smooth edges, so there is no need to be careful to irritate the skin.
    Satin woven labels are usually used for luxury clothing, and the price will be higher than that of damask woven labels.
    Make satin woven labels 1284

You can contact us to make a personalized woven labels, and we will give you the best price and quality. We provide professional customized services.

Gold plated name tags | Gold metal name badges

Gold metal name badges are the most commonly used metal badges. Most companies choose gold plated name tags, because it can match the clothing perfectly. Especially black formal wear, gold name tags and black formal wear can blend together well. The shiny gold can make the brand logo, or name, more prominent. Of course, you can also choose to customize metal badges in other colors. Such as silver,bronze, black, etc.


Gold plated name tags

Custom metal name plates generally use copper, aluminum, zinc alloy and other materials, because they will not rust, and are durable, corrosion-resistant, and scratch-resistant. For gold plated name tags, zinc alloy is the best choice, because gold plated zinc alloy tags has a very smooth and bright surface with bright colors. Of course, you can also choose a matte surface. It also has a higher hardness and will look more high-end. And the cost is low.


Custom the gold metal name badges for your company. Choose different attachment methods (magnetic and pin back). Its logo can be an engraved name tags (concave or raised) or a printed metal tags (flat logo).
You can also add texture (brushed)
Personalized metal tags shape (trapezoid, square, round, bevel, or unique logo shape)
Size: The metal tags can be customized in any size, and we can customize a very small size, on the basis of ensuring a clear logo. (We can provide professional advice)


Contact us to get a personalized gold metal name badges to shape your brand and make your brand more attractive.
If our website pictures do not have the style you want, you can send us an email to get more picture options and free samples, and you can also provide your ideas and company logo, name, title and other information. We can design according to your requirements. (We provide free design service)