Custom Printed Apparel Boxes

Custom luxury or cheap packaging boxes for your apparel, and printed personalized logo to make your clothing brand stand out. With high-quality materials, exquisite craftsmanship and multiple printing technologies, we can custom high-quality garment boxes of any style, size, thickness, color, texture and structure for you.

Custom Printed Apparel Boxes
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Custom Apparel Boxes of Different Styles

Have you already thought of a box style for your apparel? We can design and produce any style based on pictures or sketches. Your unique ideas will be easily realized from us.

Cheap Shipping Apparel Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are very suitable for shipping because of their unique corrugated structure. The corrugated structure makes the box thicker and lighter, it can protect the clothes well during shipping and save shipping costs.

You can custom corrugated boxes of any structure and choose paper of any color and texture. Tell us your purpose, size, and we will recommend the best thickness and hardness to ensure safe and low-cost shipping of your products.

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Luxury Rigid Gift Apparel Boxes

Luxury Gift Apparel Boxes 825

Luxury rigid gift boxes, with their delicate edges and thickness, make them perfect for luxury apparel. Luxurious gift boxes are a great test of a supplier’s ability. A good gift box must have a flat surface, edges and edge sealing. This is our strength and we are at the top of the industry. We strictly control quality to ensure that both small and large clothing brands stand out with the most exquisite gift boxes.

You can custom gift box in any structure and choose any color and texture of paper. Tell us your usage, size, and we will recommend the best thickness to ensure your garment packaging is of the same high quality as always.

Thin Boxes

A thin box with a single layer of hard paper, very suitable for underwear, socks, etc. It is a simple and cheap box packaging, and there are many styles of folding boxes, making it suitable for any small clothing and accessories.

You can customize any unique thin box, such as adding transparent PVC, etc., and choose any color and texture of paper. Generally choose coated paper, kraft paper, etc., because coated paper and kraft paper are very hard and strong. You can also choose other paper.

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Stock Box

logo stickers 802

If the quantity you need is very small, such as ten or twenty, it is not cost-effective to customize the boxes.

You can contact us and tell us the style and size you want, and we will send you a wide variety of stock boxes and custom different types of logo stickers. It is also a good option to put your logo sticker on the stock boxes.

About Paper Material

Paper boxes are the same as paper hang tags, you can choose different paper materials, and choose any color and texture.

For example: crocodile pattern, litchi pattern, black, white, kraft paper, pink, or choose the color according to Pantone card. (matte and glossy)


About Printing

Paper boxes are the same as paper hang tags, can be printed using different printing techniques, or add any texture.
For example: color printing, foil (gold, silver, red, green, etc.), UV, Engraved and Embossed.
(Note: Color printing is suitable for coated paper with a smooth surface. Color printing on paper with a rough surface will reduce saturation)


Best Custom Apparel Box Manufacturer

Whatever you want, we can make it happen and ensure the highest quality. Apparel packaging boxes are the most important thing to display the brand’s clothing image, so we only make high quality and provide competitive prices and low MOQ. Whether it is a large enterprise or a small business, we will provide the best service and quality.

All our boxes are made from the best paper materials and come with 100% satisfaction guaranteed, if you are looking for custom apparel box manufacturer with perfect quality and affordable price, please contact us.

Easy to shipping and cheap folding box, or exquisite and luxurious gift box? Contact us and tell us your ideas, our experts will recommend the optimal solution to you one-on-one to save your time and cost. In addition, we Free warehousing is provided and can small quantity shipped.

Free Expert Consultation

Contact us via Email or WhatsApp, we provide one-on-one customer service and can accurately custom clothing boxes you want. Just send the box structure, design, logo, size, color, quantity or reference pictures and other information, and we will respond to you quickly and quote.

We have a professional design team that provides free design services and will provide detailed digital samples and 3D designs to confirm and perfect all the details you want. We will ensure that all your requirements are accurate and give them before shipment You send pictures for confirmation, if it is not made according to your requirements we will re-produce or refund.

In addition to apparel boxes you can also custom labels, hang tags, tissue paper, stickers, plastic bags, cotton bags, etc. for your garments. With us you can find all high-quality options for your business. Our quality and service will make You are impressed.

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