Custom Printed Elastic Bands

Custom printed elastic bands for your clothing, you can create any personalized style, design, logo and size. Printed your own fabric elastic tape by the yard, it can be single-sided logo, double-sided logo or fold over. In addition to sublimated elastic, you can also choose woven jacquard logo, embossed logo, etc.

Custom printed elastic bands for any product, including waistband, bras, sportswear, underwear, panties, boxers, skirts, waist trainers, wristbands, etc. You can get any style of elastic webbing from us. For waistband sewing, trimming the edge of clothing, or any other uses?

You can choose the style you want from our Photo Gallery, or send style picture from other places, or contact us for more styles.

Custom Printed Elastic Bands
Elastic Band with Logo Photo Gallery
Wholesale Elastic Band
Wholesale Elastic Band

Printed Elastic Bands Style

Our printed elastic bands can be made with different styles of logos, Common Sublimation Logo, printed multi-color logos, or raised 3D silicone logo, etc.

custom Sublimation Logo elastic bands 829

Common Sublimation Logo

custom-3D Silicone Logo elastic-bands-883

Matte 3D Silicone Logo

custom-3D Silicone Logo elastic-bands-923

Glossy 3D Silicone Logo

custom-Multi Color Printing elastic-band-864

Multi Color Printing

custom-3D Silicone Logo elastic-bands-915

Glossy 3D Silicone Logo 2

Custom Jacquard Elastic Band

In addition to printed elastic, you can also custom our jacquard elastic band, Embossed Elastic(Raised Logo and Sinks Logo), Knitted Elastic (mainly used for bras and underwear), etc.

custom Jacquard Elastic-band-849

Common Jacquard Elastic

custom Jacquard Embossed Elastic band 853

Sinks Logo Elastic 1

custom Jacquard Embossed Elastic band 856

Sinks Logo Elastic 2

custom Jacquard Embossed Elastic band 861

Raised Logo Elastic 1

custom Jacquard Embossed Elastic band 859

Raised Logo Elastic 2

Best Elastic Bands

We offer a wide range of high-quality Elastic Bands at competitive prices with Low MOQ. They can meet your different functional and design needs. It will bring unparalleled comfort, durability and exquisite appearance.

Our elastic band is made of best natural rubber materials, which has very strong tensile properties and is not easy to deform. 1M can stretch about 2M, and 1mm thickness can withstand 500kg pull. We will recommend the most suitable thickness according to your use, and you can also customize other thicknesses: 0.5mm-3mm. We ensure flatness, no linting on the edges, clear logos, and no fading.

Easily Custom Printed Elastic Bands

Contact us via Email or WhatsApp, we provide one-to-one customer service and can accurately custom printed elastic bands.

Just send logo, size, width, color, length, style, or reference picture and other information. We will reply quickly and quote. If you need a new design, we provide free design service and will send you detailed digital samples to confirm and improve the details. We make sure all the details meet your requirements.

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