Woven Patches VS Embroidered Patches

What is the difference between a woven patches and embroidered patches? how to choose?

Learn more about professional information about woven patches and embroidered patches, and custom the most suitable fabric patches according to your design and planned cost to add the finishing touch to your product.

Difference between woven and embroidered patches


  • High-density woven patches can show more logo details, so it is very suitable for small logo design.
    The surface of the woven patch is very flat like the woven labels. It is woven with very fine yarn, and the smallest letter can be woven with a height of 1.5mm.

    Woven Patches VS Embroidered Patches
  • The logo of the embroidered patches has a three-dimensional effect and cannot display a small logo design.
    Embroidery patches are created with thicker embroidery thread. It can also make unique chenille patches, super three-dimensional logos and embroidery full background. Its smallest letter can be embroidered 5 mm high.

    Embroidery patches Logo


  • When making embroidery patches, you first need to select a base fabric, and then embroider your personalized logo on the base fabric.
    Therefore, it can choose different base fabric to match your personalized logo. (Twill, felt, canvas, plush, pu, leather, etc.)

    Embroidered Patches Background
  • Woven patches is made by woven the logo and the background through a woven machine at one time.
    Therefore, it cannot choose a different base fabric, and can only choose a woven texture by default.

    Woven Patches Background


  • The price of woven patch is relatively cheap, the production process is relatively simple, and the production time is relatively short.
  • Embroidery patches are relatively expensive, the production process is complicated, and the production time is longer than that of woven patches.

Various edges can be used for woven and embroidered patch


Various backings can be used for woven patches and embroidery patches

  • Cloth backing: Cloth is added to the back to cover the sewing thread. Used for sewing.
  • Ironing backing: It can be directly ironed on the product with an iron, suitable for hats, jackets, backpacks, etc.
  • Velcro backing: Add Velcro, the patch can be easily removed and re-fixed.
  • Adhesive: temporary use (not commonly used)

Exquisite woven patches? Or high-end embroidered patches?

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