Custom Printed Twill Tape

Custom the best twill tape for your clothing, labels, neckline, sewing, bag handles, packaging and more., Printed your logo clearly to make your brand stand out.

Custom Best Twill Tape

We offer you quality Twill Tape at competitive price, it can be customized in any size, color and length. We provide rich and high-quality fabric materials and printing techniques. Here you can find the most suitable ribbon tape for your business.

Printed Cotton Twill Tape

Custom Printed Twill Tape 830
Custom Printed Twill Tape 829
custom twill ribbon 805
custom twill tape 827
Printed Cotton Twill Tape 1041

Custom Twill Labels

If you would like custom twill tape labels, we can produce in rolls, or cut them into complete printed fabric labels.

Custom Twill Labels-824
Custom Twill Labels 1024

In addition to twill tape, you can also customize plain tape and grosgrain tape.

custom cotton plain tape ribbon 806

Plain Tape

printed cotton Grosgrain tape 816

Grosgrain Tape

In addition to the most commonly used 100% cotton twill ribbon tape, you can also choose satin ribbon, polyester nylon ribbon tape or elastic band, etc.

polyester nylon ribbon twill tape 803

Polyester Nylon Ribbon Tape

You can view our Ribbon Tape Gallery to find the material you want, or send other material images.

What is twill tape used for

For sewing: such as reinforcement and decoration of clothing seams, necklines, clothing lining, rug binding, etc.

Labels: Twill tape is the commonly used material for printed fabric labels, and we can cut it into complete labels.

Packaging: The delicate appearance of twill tape is very suitable for packaging gifts, boxes, bows, etc.

Bag handles: For example, paper bags and canvas bags often use twill tape as handles.

Drawstrings: For example, drawstring bags, trousers, aprons, etc., will often use twill tape as a drawstring.

Twill tape is so versatile, we can meet any of your needs.

If you have any questions, please contact us by Email or WhatsApp, we provide one-on-one customer service, and can accurately customize the artwork you want. Send the size, material, color, logo, usage, reference picture or idea you need, etc., we will reply you quickly and quote. If you need a new design, we have professional designers who can create professional twill tapes according to your requirements.

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