Custom Fabric Labels For Handmade Items

Custom personalized fabric labels for your handmade items. Woven labels, printed labels and leather labels, etc.

You can easily use them for handmade products of any fabric like knitted, linen, cotton, etc. Whether it’s clothing, quilts, bags, hats, etc., our wide variety of fabric labels can add the finishing touch to your artwork.

We supply high quality labels to large and small business at competitive prices. You can custom design fabric labels in any color, shape and size. Just send your logo or text and other information, then we do the rest.

Woven Labels For Handmade Items

Our woven labels are all perfect, material is high quality polyester or 100% cotton, they are colorfast and machine washable, perfect for your exquisite handmade items.

For handbags, shirts, hats, or sweaters? We offer a variety of woven labels to match your handmade items.

  • High definition damask woven labels are from high density string, which can weave very delicate text or patterns, and are the most commonly used woven labels. Besides sewing, you can also choose Ironing backing.
damask Woven Labels For Handmade Items 1186
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Custom Printed Tyvek Labels and Tags

Custom printed sturdy Tyvek labels for your clothing, furniture, pillows, rugs, jewelry, and more. Sewn, adhesive, hang tags (Metal eyelets can be added), or custom rolls?
We can produce Tyvek labels in any size, color, and shape, consistently making products that meet your requirements.

Your product may need to withstand harsh environments, need to be waterproof, quick-drying or tear-resistant. Then the inexpensive Tyvek label are a good choice.

Tyvek Labels 2
Tyvek Labels
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Where To Get Best Clothing Tags Made?

Where to get best clothing tags made? Want to make your product stand out?

Clothing tags are an important project in writing a brand’s story

Every big brand starts with a small business, “” has witnessed the process of countless small businesses turning into big brands. These brands are customizing different clothing labels every year, constantly modify and improve the label details.

This Is Challenging

In the process of customizing and improving clothing labels, problems always appear, and there may be problems with yourself or suppliers, and the most important thing is the communication with manufacturing partners.

A professional supplier can quickly make the most professional and effective response, not only can make up for the problem, but also provide more help. It can save you a lot of time and energy.

Many customers will tell me that many suppliers have very poor service, very high prices, and poor quality. Indeed, a bad supplier will cost you a lot of time, energy, and even costs.

How to find the best clothing tag supplier? I recommend you to use “”.

where to get clothing tags made
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Custom Cotton Printed Labels for clothing

Custom high-quality cotton printed labels with super soft and organic natural appearance, suitable for any clothing series. Our cotton labels are made of 100% environmentally friendly organic cotton. And we choose ultra-durable screen printing technique, because it can ensure high-definition details and strong color intensity.

Natural beige cotton? Black and white? Or twill cotton? A variety of organic cotton options to personalize your own cotton label collection. If you need more high-end labels, you can also choose our high-definition cotton woven labels.

Cotton Labels 1

Natural Beige Cotton

Cotton Labels 2


Cotton Labels 3


Cotton Labels 4


cotton care labels 5

Care Labels

printed cotton tape labels


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Digital Printed Labels For Clothing

Custom digital printed labels for clothing, it allows printing unlimited colors or gradient color, even photographic pictures.

If your design has complex colors, digital printing is the best choice. Because it can print very vivid colors, but the fabric surface needs to be very smooth. So we generally use high-end satin tapes for digital printing,  to ensure 100% color firmness.

Digital Printed Labels For Clothing 1
Digital Printed Labels For Clothing 2
Digital Printed Labels For Clothing 3

Printed Fabric Labels Photo Gallery

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Wash Symbols Meaning on Washing Labels

Good washing labels symbols meaning can avoid customer confusion. Also, concise symbols and meanings can make it easier for customers to care for clothing. The washing labels symbols include the wash symbols meaning, bleach symbols meaning, dry clean symbols meaning, dry symbols meaning and iron symbols meaning.

Wash Symbols Meaning

Hand Wash
Hand Wash

Machine Wash
Machine Wash

Do Not Machine Wash
Do Not Machine Wash

Machine Wash Permanent Press
Machine Wash Permanent Press

Machine Wash Gentle/Delicate
Machine Wash Gentle/Delicate

Wash With Similar Colours
Wash With Similar Colours

Machine Wash, Cold
Machine Wash, Cold

Machine Wash, Warm
Machine Wash, Warm

Machine Wash, Hot
Machine Wash, Hot

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Manhattan Fold Label and Other Label Fold Types

Clothing labels sew on different locations, need to choose different label fold types.
You can choose manhattan fold label, end fold labels, center fold label, straight cut labels, loop fold label, miter fold label and die cut any shape.

Manhattan fold label

If your design needs sewing labels on the edges of clothes, such as the cuffs of T-shirts, the hem of clothes, the edge of hat, etc. You need to choose the manhattan fold label.

  • The manhattan fold label is the combination of center fold and end fold. The center fold is to make it more convenient to sew clothing labels. (If the edge is thick, no need folds generally, such as the edge of a knitted hat. Without folds, the label can be fit to the thick edge.)
Manhattan fold label 753
  • The end fold is to prevent the edge of the label from fraying, prevent skin irritation and make clothes more high-end.
Manhattan Fold Label
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Custom Printed Satin Labels For Clothing

Custom high-end satin printed labels, you can use it for any clothing series. Including T-shirts, swimwear, underwear, baby clothes, quilts, hats, accessories, etc. We use high-grade satin materials with smooth selvage, which is soft and shiny, so that it can add an impressive finishing to your clothing.

Various personalized satin materials are combined with durable screen printing to achieve the best washing effect. Our label color will not fade after long-term washing, and our label can print very small logos and letters. If you need more high-end satin labels, you can also choose our satin woven labels.

Screen printing label cost is high for printing too many colors, and can not gradient colors. If your logo has multiple color, you can choose our digital printed labels.

Printed Satin Labels

Printed Satin Labels

Printed Satin Ribbon


Printed Grosgrain Satin Labels


Satin woven labels

Satin Woven Labels

Digital Printed Labels-949

Digital Printed Labels


3D Logo 0.1-1 mm

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Screen Printed Labels For Clothing

Custom durable silk screen printed labels to add a high-end appearance to your clothing. A variety of different materials and logo technologies are available for you to create your own unique label series.

Silk screen printing is suitable for all kinds of printed fabric labels, including satin labels, cotton labels, Tyvek labels, grosgrain, twill, canvas, ribbons, etc. You can have countless ideas and creativity to create your own brand story.

Silk screen printing can not only print flat effect, but also can print 3D effect.







printed-label-3D Logo 1

3D Logo 1

Printed-Fabric-Labels-3D Logo 2

3D Logo 2



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