Paper Hang Tags Manufacturers

“” is a high-quality suppliers of hang tags, custom manufacturing paper hang tags of various material for fashion brands. Usually paper hang tag material are white card, black card, Tracing paper, Kraft paper, and personalized coated paper, special paper, and recycled paper. How to present your design on these paper tags? You can choose a variety of hang tag printing technologies.

Cheap white or black hang tags

If you want hang tags to be matte white or black, you can choose white card or black card.
White card or black card are pure white or black, the surface is not so smooth, it is better for printing simple color, or hot stamping gold/silver foil hang tags. The cost of white card or black card is cheap because the paper is nature, without adding any other technique.


Cheap transparent tracing paper

There is another simple paper called tracing paper. It’s very simple, basic color is semi-transparent, it can just print simple color logo. The tracing paper is usually bonded with other paper as one-unit hang tag. The cost of tracing paper is very low because it’s very simple.


Vintage Kraft paper hang tags

If you want hang tags to be of vintage feel, you can choose Kraft paper. Kraft paper is usually matte brown, surface is also not smooth, it is better for printing simple color. The cost of Kraft paper is also cheap because the paper is nature, without adding any other technique.


Personalize coated paper hang tags

If want to personalize complex color hang tags, or you want the hang tags looks shiny. You can choose custom coated paper. Coated paper is very smooth, can use four-color technique to print vivid color, gradient color, or even a photo. Coated paper surface can film with shiny or matte effect. The cost of coated paper is slightly high when film shiny effect or print very complex color.


Personalize special paper

If you want personalize hang tags with special texture or special feeling, you can choose custom special paper. There are many different texture styles. The special paper cost is slightly high.


Recycled paper hang tags

Recycled paper hang tags are made by environment friendly paper which is recycling. It replaces the manufacturing paper from the original wood pulp. As recycled paper no longer cuts down new trees, recycled paper has the advantage of protecting the environment.

Besides paper hangtag, you can also choose other material, like metal tags, PVC labels, plastic, fabric labels etc. But these materials are not common, so price differs a lot. If you need custom clothing tags, you can send your needs by email or WhatsApp, and we would give you quick quotation.

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