Swivel Snap Hooks For Bags

Custom wholesale high-quality metal swivel snap hooks, mainly used for bags, purses, handbags, keychain, clothing accessories, etc. You can choose any style, size and color, or engraved your brand logo.

Swivel Snap Hooks Type

We can custom and wholesale any style of swivel snap hooks. You can choose the style picture you want from our website or the style picture from other places. And choose any metal color. Or contact us, we will send more style according to your needs.

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In addition to different types of snap hooks, you can also customize and wholesale any size and color of D-rings, O-rings, triangle rings, rectangular rings, metal bag chains, leather, rivets, snaps, etc. They can all be engraved your brand logo.

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Best Swivel Hooks For Bags

Our high-quality swivel snap hooks will add the most luxurious decoration to your branded bags. They are perfect for bag detachable shoulder straps, metal embellishments, and more.

Swivel snap hooks are a vital accessory for your bags, so we only make them of high quality, ensuring the metal accessories are as elegant as your branded artwork.

You will definitely be very satisfied with our durable and high-end metal accessories. With competitive prices and high-end quality, our metal accessories are loved by many big brands. If there are any quality issues we will re-make the item or refund your money.( No rust, no fading are the most basic functions) We ensure that all details will exceed your expectations.

Best Service

We provide free one-to-one design service and will provide detailed digital samples and 3D rendering to confirm and perfect the details. Including the inner and outer diameter dimensions of the hook, length, thickness, rotatable D ring size and shape, etc. Make sure to match your branded bag with the finest swivel snap hooks.

Swivel Snap Hooks Design

Contact us via Email or WhatsApp and tell us your project requirements. We provide one-on-one customer service and can accurately customize and wholesale the snap hooks and other metal accessories you need. Just send pictures of the styles you want (from our website or sample pictures from other places), design, logo, size requirements or ideas, etc., we will respond quickly and quote.


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