Custom Jewelry Pouch Bags With Logo

Custom designed unique pouch and bags for your jewelry, no matter what style, material, color and design, printed or embroidered logo you need, we can do it. Our jewelry bags are not in stock and are all custom made.

Custom Jewelry Pouch Bags Styles

Choose the best pouch bags style for your jewelry, favor bags with flower tops, regular drawstring bags with flat tops, flap pockets, or more interesting designs.

Custom Jewelry Pouch Bags With Logo
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Highly customizable jewelry bag items according to your own style, we have the easiest and professional customization service to create one-of-a-kind packaging pouches for your jewelry. Just send your logo, reference image, freehand sketch, or an idea. Our designers will do a detailed digital design based on your needs, working with you to confirm and improve the details.

We make it easy to turn your ideas into reality, ensuring your customers have the best unboxing experience when they receive their exquisite jewelry and packaging.

Jewelry Pouch Bags Material And Color

Choose the right material and color for your jewelry bags, the kinds of materials are unlimited, you can send a picture of the material you want, or you can use the following commonly used jewelry bag materials.

Suede, velvet, eco-cotton, pu leather, satin silk, clear organza, etc. All fabrics are available in custom brand colors according to your needs. We can produce accurate colors according to Pantone cards.








PU Leather

Satin-Jewelry Pouch Bags 805


Organza Jewelry Pouch Bags 802


Jewelry Bags With Logo

Jewelry bags with logo can elevate your jewelry while promoting your brand. You can customize the logo in any color according to the Pantone card, or in gold and silver. It can be printed or embroidered with a three-dimensional logo.
If your logo is too small or thin, we will adjust your design to confirm and improve the details without compromising the aesthetics. Make sure your logo is clear.

About size

You can customize your jewelry bag to any size that suits you, and we can also advise.

More drawstring and accessory options

Various drawstrings and accessories can serve an important function of function and decoration for jewelry bags.

  • We have countless options for drawstrings: ribbon, cotton, suede, leather, polyester, and more.
  • In addition to drawstrings, we can also match other accessories you need: snap buttons, tassels, etc.

They can all be customized in any size and color. You can send the sample pictures you want.

Add the finishing touch to your jewelry with the best jewelry pouch bag designs. A simple design, or a chic bag. We can all do well. Besides jewelry bags, we also offer jewelry boxes, metal tags, hang tags and strings, etc. We have long-term cooperation with many jewelry brands. If you need it, please contact us by Mail or WhatsApp, and we will quickly quote you.

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