Custom Heat Transfer Labels For Clothing

Custom “tagless” heat transfer labels for your clothing and using a heat press or household iron easily complete your label project. Add a personalized logo or pattern, heat transfer label have unique features. Compared with woven labels and printed labels, sew free heat transfer labels can be applied anywhere on the garment more easily.

You can use it in any clothing series, including: T-shirts, shirts, swimwear, underwear, sportswear, safety clothing, protective clothing, etc. Moreover, They do not irritate the skin, and are stretchable and washable.

Custom Heat Transfer Labels For Clothing
Heat Transfer Label Photo Gallery

Various Heat Transfer Labels

Matching the suitable heat transfer labels to the clothing is critical. We offer a wide range of heat transfer labels to take the hassle out of finding the suitable heat transfer label.
Care labels? Gold or silver? Silicone? Glitter? Reflective? Luminous? Or a color picture? Use multiple heat transfer label technologies to personalize your own clothing projects.

Heat Transfer Care Labels

Heat Transfer Care Labels

Heat transfer care labels, suitable for neck labels, are the most common heat transfer labels.

Silicone heat transfer labels

3D Silicone heat transfer labels

This heat transfer label uses silicone as the printing material, which is suitable for sports products that require a three-dimensional logo.

Gold heat-transfer-labels-881


Gold make your clothes look luxurious.

Silver heat-transfer-labels-836


Silver make your clothes look luxurious.

Glitter heat transfer

Glitter heat transfer

Adding glitter effect, adding shining granular powder to the ink, can present a dazzling appearance.

Reflective heat transfer

Reflective heat transfer

Reflective heat transfer, using reflective ink, suitable for safety clothing, sportswear, and protective clothing.

Luminous heat transfer

Luminous heat transfer

Luminous heat transfer, using luminous ink, can glows in the dark.

Full color heat transfers

Full color heat transfers

Full color heat transfers, using professional printing equipment, the color effect can reach the photo effect.

Flocking heat transfer

Flocking heat transfer

The flocked heat transfer surface has many fine fiber particles, which are soft and comfortable.

These perfect heat transfer label can be used on polyester fabrics, cotton fabrics, linen, felt fabrics, etc. (Please tell us the fabric type you are using before ordering.)

Washing Test

How to apply heat transfer labels for clothing?

  • Before use, you need to keep the garment flat and preheat the heat press equipment to the appropriate temperature.
  • Then, add cotton cloth above the heat transfer label, so that it can prevent damaging to the clothes.
  • Thirdly, Press the equipment onto the label, lasting 6-10 seconds.
  • At last, Peel off the plastic cover when labels are cooled down.
How to apply heat transfer labels for clothing

Heat press

  • Set the temperature of the heat press: 160-170°C
  • Pressure: moderate pressure, 5-6kg
  • Pressing time: 12-15 seconds

Household iron

  • Set temperature: cotton setting, turn off the steam. (Steam will affect the firmness of the heat transfer label)
  • Pressure: moderate pressure, 5-6kg
  • Pressing time: continuous pressing for 12-15 seconds
  • The above elements will vary with different heat presses and different fabrics. So first of all, use waste fabric to test first.
  • Moreover, Let the clothes remain 40 hours before washing.

About heat transfer labels

Heat transfer labels are also known as “tagless labels“. Heat transfer printing is the process of transferring a pattern printed by professional equipment to a garment through heat and pressure. Heat transfer label are easy to produce, cost is low, and can print complex images. So they are widely used in many different industries.

Woven labels and printed labels are the best way to brand a clothing, but they are usually not used on the outside of a garment. However, sew free heat transfer label can be freely printed on the inside and outside of garments and use personalized logos and patterns to promote your brand.

You can use any style of design, color, technology and size, and you can transfer your designs with a heat press or a household iron. If your design is of large size, or needs to be transferred in large batches, you will need to use a heat press.

Best heat transfer labels Manufacturer

Our heat transfer labels are made of high quality and environmentally friendly materials, so it can ensure the safety and durability of the products. (corrosion resistant, acid and alkali resistant, ultraviolet light resistant). Also, you can wash by hand or machine, color will not fade. The logo is print clearly.

You can customize your labels of any techniques or color. We support a variety of heat transfer label technology, such as 3d silicone heat transfer label printing, four-color printing, gradients printing, luminous effects, etc. (You can also provide samples or pictures)

With rich experience, we can provide you with professional advice and free design. Our target is to create a unique and exquisite heat transfer label for you.

Our heat transfer patches MOQ is small, so it is good for small business.

We have comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services. If you have any questions, you can contact us via email or WhatsApp, and we will actively solve the problem for you.
If any problems due to materials or workmanship, please contact us, we can re-produce the product, or refund the money.

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