Metal Electroplating Colors

Choose metal color for your Metal Tags & Labels, Metal Zipper Pulls, Metal Tack Buttons, Rivets, Snaps, Eyelets, Metal Keychains, and more. All colors ensure firm and fade-resistant, durable, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant.

glossy rose gold

Glossy Rose Gold

glossy gold

Glossy Gold

glossy gun metal

Glossy Gun Metal

matte rose gold

Matte Rose Gold

matte gold

Matte Gold

matte gun metal

Matte Gun Metal

glossy silver

Glossy Silver

glossy light gold

Glossy Light Gold

coal black

Coal Black

Matte Silver

matte light gold

Matte Light Gold

antique silver

Antique Silver

antique gold

Antique Gold

antique brass

Antique Brass

brushed antique brass

Brushed Antique Brass

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