Custom Leather Labels for Handmade Items

Custom personalized leather labels for your diy handmade items. Embossed or printed your logo or text. Use the perfect leather colors and materials to match your knitting, crocheting, handmade gifts and other handmade products to make your artwork look more professional.

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Custom Leather Labels for Handmade Items details

  • Material: You can choose leather labels of any color and material, including high-grade faux leather (PU leather, suede leather, holographic leather), 100% genuine leather (pig leather, cattle leather, crocodile leather), etc.
  • Logo technology: embossed, silk screen print, engraved logo, embroidery logo etc. (can also attaching metal labels to the leather labels)
  • Common sizes: 1″, 1.5″, 2″. In addition to common sizes, you can also customize to any suitable size.
  • Color: customized according to your needs
  • Design: Send your logo, text or reference pictures.
    (We provide free design of any font, you can design any style according to your requirements)
  • Quantity: No minimum

We provide custom leather labels for global brands. Including the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, France, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, etc.

As a leather labels manufacturer and supplier, we can consistently manufacture products that meet your requirements. In addition to leather labels, we also provide more clothing tags and labels. We have comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services. If you have any questions, you can contact us via email or WhatsApp, and we will actively solve the problem for you.

Jeans Leather Patches Suppliers

Custom beautifully leather patches are the first choice for jeans brands. High-quality leather labels can add a unique logo appearance to make your jeans brand stand out. Levi’s, Sweet-Orr, Wrangler, Lee and other world-renowned jeans brands use it as a personalized decoration, and each brand has its own unique style.


100% Genuine leather


High-grade faux leather



In order to get the best results, we provide a rich of leather materials, colors and logo technology to match your personalized design.

Our leather patches are made of high-grade faux leather (PU leather, suede, holographic leather, jacron), 100% genuine leather (pig leather, cattle leather, crocodile leather) and other materials, and can be customized in any brand color.

Embossed Leather Patches? printed? Embroidered logo? Or metal logo? A variety of logo technology can mark your high-quality jeans with a unique leather imprint. Continue reading “Jeans Leather Patches Suppliers”

Custom Leather Patches for Jackets

Custom leather patches can add high-quality style to your jackets. You can choose to sewing, adhesive or velcro to fix it on the lapel, front pocket, shoulder or back of the jackets. We custom leather patches for global brands, including the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, France, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Custom leather patches

There is no minimum order quantity for custom leather patches on

From design to production, we strictly control every detail of custom leather patches to ensure first-class quality and design appearance.

Contact us to make your leather patch online, we provide one-to-one free design service.
We can design and produce according to your samples, or design new patches.

You can customize any size, material, color, design, tell us your information and get a quote immediately.

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Custom PVC Rubber Patches for Hats

Like leather patches, PVC/rubber patches are also one of the best choices in the hat business. The soft rubber finish can fit the hat perfectly. The custom high-quality pvc/rubber patches will bring a refreshing look to your hats, which is very suitable for multi-color logo design. It is made of multiple layers of colored rubber, which can add amazing layering to your hat collection.

If you need a higher-end rubber patch, you can also choose a softer, smoother, and more comfortable silicone patch than the pvc patch.

If you need custom hats, we can also provide you with hats with reasonable prices and high quality.

Custom PVC Rubber Patches for Hats
Rubber Label Photo Gallery

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Custom Leather Patches for Hats

Custom leather patches are one of the best choices for hats business, and the soft leather finish can fit the hat perfectly. Luxury brands such as GUCCI and LV often use it as a personalized decoration. Use custom leather patches to decorate your artwork. For the best results, we provide a wealth of leather materials, colors and logo technology to match your design.

Boldly use your design and creativity to create a unique style of leather patch to make your hat business standing out. Moreover, we provide customized leather patches in any shape and size. If you need wholesale hats, we can also provide them.

Our rich experience can provide you with professional advice and save your business time and cost.

Custom leather patch hat with your logo

Embossed leather patch is the most commonly used logo technology, and the logo can also be raised. In addition to embossed leather patches, printing, embroidery, or adding metal labels can also be used.
You can also choose foil shiny gold or silver logo, or add any texture.

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Custom Jeans Rivets Supplier and Manufacturer

Jeans rivets are small metal fasteners, which are divided into two parts: the button surface and the nail. Its main function is to reinforce the areas where jeans are prone to wear, such as the corners of the pockets. Protect jeans wear and make jeans more durable. Rivets are also an important metal decoration for jeans. Custom exquisite rivets for your jeans collection to make your brand stand out. Like the jeans buttons, you can custom logo and different colors.

Custom logo rivets

The design of custom jeans rivets is usually in the same series as jeans buttons, and their logo technology is also the same.
Embossing, engraving, laser printing, epoxy filling, etc. We can also add fake diamond on the rivets.

Custom logo rivets
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Custom Metal Tack Buttons for Jeans

Metal tack buttons are an important factor in creating denim collections. Custom high-quality metal tack buttons can make your jeans collection stand out. Learn more about the elements of jeans buttons from this post, so that you will have more experience to choose Jeans buttons.

Metal buttons color

Metal buttons have different colors and textures, so they can be matched with a variety of different clothes styles, including jeans, jackets, shirts, etc. Determine the most suitable texture and color, your products will form best effect.

Metal buttons
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Custom Adhesive Metal Labels Made of Aluminum

All of our metal labels can custom high-performance 3M adhesive. You can paste it on smooth surfaces such as furniture, wine bottles or metal equipment. We provide metal labels of different materials: stainless steel, anodized aluminum, zinc alloy, copper, etc., they can match different brands accordingly.

Adhesive anodized aluminum metal labels

Choosing adhesive anodized aluminum metal labels, you can add special logos or texts on it, and no need to worry about finishes:
Matte, brushed or bright have the characteristics of rust-free, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance. It can be used indoors and outdoors.

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Metal Labels for Handbags and Purse Bags

Metal labels are basic accessories for handbags and purse. An excellent metal labels can bring unimaginable vitality to the bags and truly complete the appearance. If you are considering starting your customized plan, our rich experience can save you a lot of time, energy and creativity. You can custom personalized metal labels for unique bags. We provide a rich of metal label colors, logo technology and 3D design.

Choose matching metal labels color for your handbags and purse

Gold and silver metal labels are the most commonly used colors for handbags and purse, which can give high-end and luxurious features, making it easier to match your artwork.
In addition to gold and silver, you can also choose rose gold, gun metal, brass, etc., or send us other colors you need.
You can also choose to add any color metal label logo, it will never fade.

Metal Labels for Bags
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