Custom Printed Elastic Bands

Custom printed elastic bands for your clothing, you can create any personalized style, design, logo and size. Printed your own fabric elastic tape by the yard, it can be single-sided logo, double-sided logo or fold over. In addition to sublimated elastic, you can also choose woven jacquard logo, embossed logo, etc.

Custom printed elastic bands for any product, including waistband, bras, sportswear, underwear, panties, boxers, skirts, waist trainers, wristbands, etc. You can get any style of elastic webbing from us. For waistband sewing, trimming the edge of clothing, or any other uses?

You can choose the style you want from our Photo Gallery, or send style picture from other places, or contact us for more styles.

Custom Printed Elastic Bands
Elastic Band with Logo Photo Gallery
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Wholesale Elastic Band

Wholesale a wide range of high quality elastic band at competitive prices, mainly for clothing, bras, underwear, shorts, belts, swimwear, etc. You can choose any size, color, style when buying our bulk elastic band. You can choose the style you want from our website, or send us styles picture from other places, or contact us for more styles. You can also custom logo elastic band, Embossed Elastic, Printed And Woven Elastic Band.

Wholesale-Elastic-Band-62 Wholesale-Elastic-Band-44 Wholesale-Elastic-Band-61
Wholesale-Elastic-Band-51 Wholesale-Elastic-Band-60 Wholesale-Elastic-Band-59
Wholesale-Elastic-Band-20 Wholesale-Elastic-Band-16 Wholesale-Elastic-Band-55
Wholesale-Elastic-Band-07 Wholesale-Elastic-Band-42 Wholesale-Elastic-Band-50
Wholesale-Elastic-Band-58 Wholesale-Elastic-Band-45 Wholesale-Elastic-Band-39
Wholesale-Elastic-Band-08 Wholesale-Elastic-Band-27 Wholesale-Elastic-Band-03

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Embossed Elastic – 4 Styles

Custom embossed logo elastic for your clothing brand., As a professional elastic bands factory, we provide 4 styles of embossed elastic belt.

Sinks or Raised? Create a new fashion design, choose a unique 3D logo appearance, and customize any width, length, thickness, logo, pattern, etc. We will create the perfect artwork for your garments to make your brand stand out.

Option 1 – Sinks Logo

Embossed Elastic-853
Embossed Elastic 854
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3D Heat Transfer – Different Types

Custom different types of high-quality 3D heat transfer, match the best raised appearance for your branding project.

High-quality 3D heat transfer is mainly divided into Silicone heat transfer, Flock heat transfer, TPU heat transfer, or adding different Base.


3D Silicone Heat Transfer

Silicone is the most commonly used material, because silicone is soft, comfortable and environmentally friendly. It has good plasticity and can be customized into different 3D appearances.


3D TPU Heat Transfer

TPU heat transfer can be customized into different 3D appearances like silicone, but it feels harder. It can be customized into shiny metal colors such as gold, silver, and black.

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Bag Chain Strap

Custom wholesale luxury metal chain strap, handle, accessories and charm for your branded bag, purses, cross body bag, shoulder bag, tote bag, backpack, etc. You can choose any style, width, length and color.

Gold, silver, black, or other metal color. Thick chain or thin chain. You can choose the bag chain and accessories style from our website, or send styles from other places, or contact us for more styles.

Types of Bag Chain Straps

1. Choose Chain Style and Color

Bag-Chain-Strap-01 metal-labels-1122 metal-labels-1130

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Metal Cord Lock & Stop

Custom wholesale the best metal cord locks & stops for clothing, jackets, backpacks, shoelaces, sweatpants, tents, paracord, etc. You can choose the spring metal cord lock style from our website or send the style from elsewhere. Or contact us for more styles, choose any size and metal color, or even custom your own design and logo.

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D Rings for Bags

“” offers high quality metal d rings in any style, size and color for bags, handbags, purse, straps, sewing, clothing and more at competitive prices. You can choose any metal color, including gold, silver, copper, antique brass, rose gold, gun metal, nickel etc., (both glossy and matte)

Different Types of D Rings

Small Size or Large Size, Split, Cast, or Snap Hooks, Contact us and we can provide more options.

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