Custom Tactical Patches

Custom made tactical patches velcro for your tactical vest, hat, military dog, backpack, etc. Create your own patch style, you can customize any name, logo, font, design, size, color, shape, etc. Our high-quality embroidered tactical patches, pvc tactical patches, and leather tactical patches ensure that your military equipment has the most durable badges.

Best Custom Tactical Patches

Start creating proud tactical patches for your unit uniforms and equipment, they will be beautiful, sturdy and well-made.

Embroidered Tactical Patches

embroidered tactical patches 920
Embroidered Tactical Patches 808
Embroidered Tactical Patches 881

PVC Tactical Patches

PVC Tactical Patches 1038
PVC Tactical Patches 1032
PVC Tactical Patches 903

Leather Tactical Patches

Leather Tactical Patches 924
Leather Tactical Patches 919
Leather Tactical Patches 1170

As a high-quality tactical patch maker, we customize high-quality patches at competitive prices with no minimums. We custom tactical patches for global brands, including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Dubai, and more. We will provide detailed digital samples to confirm and improve details before production. After production is completed, we will take photos for you to confirm before shipping. We make sure every tactical patch order is perfect.

Your satisfaction is crucial, whether it’s quality, price, pre-sales and after-sales service, we ensure you have a pleasant experience. We look forward to your next order.

Tactical Patch Meaning

Tactical patches can express team spirit, display your unit information, and are military symbols and symbols of identity. They can convey values and a sense of mission. Enhance pride and belonging, and pass on honor and tradition. Use sewing or removable Velcro to attach to military gear and it will make a person proud.

Contact us via Email or WhatsApp, we provide one-on-one customer service, and we have rich experience to accurately custom tactical patches you want. If you need a new design, we have a professional design team that can provide free Design. Just send your name, logo, size, design, quantity or reference pictures and other information, we will quickly reply to you and quote you.

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