Custom Military Embroidered Patches

Custom military embroidered patches with logo name, you can customize any design, size, shape, color, digital camouflage background fabric, etc.

We offer high-quality military embroidered patch at cheap prices that will ensure they are beautiful and durable, and you can use them for all military organizations such as Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, Military Units, etc.

Our high-density 3D embroidery and sturdy edges allow them to withstand harsh environments. You can easily secure them using sewing or velcro backing.

Custom military embroidered patches with logo name 920
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Military Tactical Patches for Hats

Custom the best military tactical patches for hats, use them for troops, organizations, units, departments and more. You can customize any design, logo, size, shape and color to match your baseball cap or bonny hat, etc. Use Velcro or sewing to display them on the front, side or back of a hat, or jacket vest, etc. They will bring an unparalleled sense of pride.

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Custom Tactical Patches

Custom made tactical patches velcro for your tactical vest, hat, military dog, backpack, etc. Create your own patch style, you can customize any name, logo, font, design, size, color, shape, etc. Our high-quality embroidered tactical patches, pvc tactical patches, and leather tactical patches ensure that your military equipment has the most durable badges.

Best Custom Tactical Patches

Start creating proud tactical patches for your unit uniforms and equipment, they will be beautiful, sturdy and well-made.

Embroidered Tactical Patches

embroidered tactical patches 920
Embroidered Tactical Patches 808
Embroidered Tactical Patches 881
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Custom Military Patches

Custom create your own military patches for Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, Military unit, Morale Patches, etc. Any personalized design and idea can be realized easily.

Military Patch Types

Made the coolest military patches using embroidered, pvc, leather and more. You can customize any army name, logo, size, color, shape, velcro, iron-on backing, edges, etc. As a military patch maker, we provide high quality patches at low cost with no minimum order. We only do high quality and make sure to create the most durable patch badges that can withstand harsh environments.

Embroidered Military Patches

Embroidered Military Patches 920
Embroidered Military Patches 808
Embroidered Military Patches 881
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Custom Felt Patches

Custom felt patches to add soft plush brand badges to your clothing, hats, cowboy hat, sweater, jeans, crafts, furniture, and more.

Easily custom any unique felt patches. Whether you need a patch with a brand logo design, or a simple letter or number, or even a keychain, luggage tag, etc., any size, shape, color, material and style can be customized freely. Our professional team will customize exactly the felt patch you want.

Custom Felt Patches
Embroidery Patch Photo Gallery
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Custom Chenille Patches No Minimum

Custom personalized chenille patches from us. The patches are popular for Letterman jackets, garment, hats, sportswear and other products. Furthermore, they can express warmth feeling and add furry towel texture. Whether you are a cheer-leading team, a training team or a school team, the patches can always give a bold and elegant appearance. We are keen to customize every perfect chenille patch for you. So that we will provide high quality, low price and low minimum quantity orders.

Custom Chenille Patches No Minimum 2
Embroidery Patch Photo Gallery
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Custom Embroidered Patches For Hats

We custom personalized embroidered patches for your high-end hats. The perfect patch can be directly fixed to the hat by heat pressing or sewing. We are keen to create each customized patch project, providing products with high quality,while low price and low MOQ.

Embroidered patches can bring a classic look to your hat: Because logos are in three-dimensional effects, the base fabric has special textures. So that it can leave a deep impression to customers.

Show all the details of your logo with a unique embroidery style, so you can customize them as you like.
These are many elements to form a perfect patch: including shape, color, logo appearance, edges, base fabric, backing, etc.

Custom Embroidered Patches For Hats
Woven Patches Photo Gallery

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