Custom Chenille Patches No Minimum

Custom personalized chenille patches from us. The patches are popular for Letterman jackets, garment, hats, sportswear and other products. Furthermore, they can express warmth feeling and add furry towel texture. Whether you are a cheer-leading team, a training team or a school team, the patches can always give a bold and elegant appearance. We are keen to customize every perfect chenille patch for you. So that we will provide high quality, low price and low minimum quantity orders.

Custom Chenille Patches No Minimum 2
Embroidery Patch Photo Gallery
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Custom Embroidered Patches For Hats

We custom personalized embroidered patches for your high-end hats. The perfect patch can be directly fixed to the hat by heat pressing or sewing. We are keen to create each customized patch project, providing products with high quality,while low price and low MOQ.

Embroidered patches can bring a classic look to your hat: Because logos are in three-dimensional effects, the base fabric has special textures. So that it can leave a deep impression to customers.

Show all the details of your logo with a unique embroidery style, so you can customize them as you like.
These are many elements to form a perfect patch: including shape, color, logo appearance, edges, base fabric, backing, etc.

Custom Embroidered Patches For Hats
Woven Patches Photo Gallery

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Woven Patches VS Embroidered Patches

What is the difference between woven patches and embroidered patches? How to choose?

In this article. You can learn more professional information about woven patches and embroidered patches.  Also you can customize the most suitable fabric patches according to your design and budget. Moreover, our patches can be icing on the cake for your products.

Difference between woven and embroidered patches


  • High-density woven patches can show more logo details, so it is more suitable for small logo design and complex colors.
    The surface of the woven patch is flat like the woven labels. It is woven by very thin yarns, and the smallest letter can be woven at a height of 1.5mm.

    Woven Patches VS Embroidered Patches
  • The logo of the embroidered patches has a three-dimensional effect and cannot display a small logo design.
    Embroidery patches are created with thicker embroidery thread. It can also make unique chenille patches, super three-dimensional logos and embroidery full background. But its smallest letter can be embroidered 5 mm high.

    Embroidery patches Logo

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Embroidery Patch Photo Gallery

You can choose reference images (high-quality embroidery patches with a three-dimensional effect) from below embroidery patches designs. Pls send us inquiries with your ideal images.
Yarn: ordinary embroidery thread, silver thread, gold thread, towel embroidery, etc.
Base fabric: felt cloth, twill, leather, etc.
Edge: woven edging (narrower border), embroidered edging (wider border), trimming (no border), etc.
Back: hot melt adhesive, Velcro (hook surface, fiber surface), etc.
(can also customize the woven patches)

embroidered-patches-837 embroidered-patches-804 embroidered-patches-818
embroidered-patches-805 embroidered-patches-882 embroidered-patches-843
embroidered-patches-856 embroidered-patches-838 embroidered-patches-824
embroidered-patches-859 embroidered-patches-841 embroidered-patches-826
embroidered-patches-803 embroidered-patches-815 embroidered-patches-817
embroidered-patches-883 embroidered-patches-842 embroidered-patches-816

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Custom Embroidered Patches No Minimum

How to easily custom your own high-quality embroidered patches?  Firstly you must need a reliable supplier. We are a company creating every perfect patch with the best service and quality. At the same time, our low minimums and competitive price can meet the customization needs of large and small businesses.

Embroidered patches are very popular in our daily life, they often appear on hats, clothing, motorcycle jackets, jeans, shirts, backpacks, shoes, school uniforms, baby clothes and other products.

Custom Embroidered Patches No Minimum 2
Embroidery Patch Photo Gallery

We hope our quality will leave you with a great impression.

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