3D Heat Transfer – Different Types

Custom different types of high-quality 3D heat transfer, match the best raised appearance for your branding project.

High-quality 3D heat transfer is mainly divided into Silicone heat transfer, Flock heat transfer, TPU heat transfer, or adding different Base.


3D Silicone Heat Transfer

Silicone is the most commonly used material, because silicone is soft, comfortable and environmentally friendly. It has good plasticity and can be customized into different 3D appearances.


3D TPU Heat Transfer

TPU heat transfer can be customized into different 3D appearances like silicone, but it feels harder. It can be customized into shiny metal colors such as gold, silver, and black.

Flock Heat Transfer

The surface of flock heat transfer has comfortable fluff, which is a very unique. It has a velvety texture, high density of soft and raised flock, giving it good stretch properties.


Add Different Base

Add Silicone, Flock, or TPU logo to different bases. The base can be fabric (twill, woven, satin, tatami, etc.), felt, suede, holographic, mesh, printed patterns or texture, etc.

Silicone Logo & Different Base
3D Heat Transfer 5

Tatami Base

3D Heat Transfer 13

Tatami Base 2

3D Heat Transfer 7

Suede Base

3D Heat Transfer 6

Holographic Base

3D Heat Transfer 9

Texture Base

3D Heat Transfer 12

Printed & Texture Base

3D Heat Transfer 8

Mesh Base

Flock Logo & Different Base
3D Flock Heat Transfer 2

Tatami Base

3D Flock Heat Transfer 4

Woven Base

3D Flock Heat Transfer

Tatami Base

3D Flock Heat Transfer 3

Tatami Base

Best Quality and Service

Contact us via Email or WhatsApp, we provide one-on-one customer service and can accurately custom heat transfer. Just send your logo, size, material, quantity or reference pictures and other information, we will quickly reply and quote. We will provide detailed digital samples to confirm and improve the details.

We will excellently complete the heat transfer you want, ensure quality. Ensure that all logo details are clear, washable and easy to use. We will send label ironed pictures to you for confirmation before shipping.

Our various heat transfer will provide a wealth of creative options, that can match the best fashion appearance for your any applications. Use your creativity and we can do everything you want.

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