Bag Chain Strap

Custom wholesale luxury metal chain strap, handle, accessories and charm for your branded bag, purses, cross body bag, shoulder bag, tote bag, backpack, etc. You can choose any style, width, length and color.

Gold, silver, black, or other metal color. Thick chain or thin chain. You can choose the bag chain and accessories style from our website, or send styles from other places, or contact us for more styles.

Types of Bag Chain Straps

1. Choose Chain Style and Color

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Bag-Chain-Strap-17 Bag-Chain-Strap-19 Bag-Chain-Strap-21
Bag-Chain-Strap-18 Bag-Chain-Strap-23 Bag-Chain-Strap-22
Bag-Chain-Strap-02 Bag-Chain-Strap-09 Bag-Chain-Strap-10
Bag-Chain-Strap-03 Bag-Chain-Strap-04 Bag-Chain-Strap-05
Bag-Chain-Strap-07 Bag-Chain-Strap-06 Bag-Chain-Strap-08
Bag-Chain-Strap-12 Bag-Chain-Strap-13 Bag-Chain-Strap-11
Bag-Chain-Strap-14 Bag-Chain-Strap-15 Bag-Chain-Strap-16

2. Choose Chain Width and Length

Chain width: 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, etc.
Chain length: Any length can be customized.

3. Matches Any Chain Accessories and Charm

Metal Tags, D Rings, Swivel Snap Hooks, Strap Sliders, Metal Buttons, etc.

D Rings 1120
Swivel Snap Hooks For Bags 8
bag chain charm

Use your creativity to create your own chain strap to match your brand bag. We can assemble your chain and accessories for free. It can also be customized into rolls (we sale by total length).

Luxury Bag Chain Strap

The bag chains straps is a very important accessory. It not only provides design decoration for the bag, but also has functionality.

Our luxury bag chains straps has a shiny jewelry look, is smooth and strong, wear-resistant. We use high-strength metal materials to ensure that it will not be scratched during use, and it will not deform or break when the chain is pulled hard. They will add the most luxurious and fashionable decoration to your bag.

The chain used for bag straps is generally made of iron, because it is the cheap and strong enough. We attach an oil film to the chain so it will not rust or fade. In addition to iron, you can also customize aluminum, copper, and stainless steel materials. But the price is higher.

Contact us

Contact us via Email or WhatsApp, we provide one-to-one customer service and can accurately custom the bag chain strap. Just send the style picture, width, length, color, accessories, and other information, we will quickly reply and quote.

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