Custom Metal Tags with Different Fixing

“” custom metal tags with different fixing methods for clothing, jewelry, bags, furniture, etc.

What are the fixing methods of the metal tags? Our professional experience will teach you some popular fixing methods. You can choose sewing, adhesives, adding rivets and plates, adding foldable legs, nail backs or reusable metal name tags (magnetic or pin back).

Sew on metal tags

Adding holes for sewing. There is usually a hole each side of metal label, clothing factory can sew the label on clothing. It is the mostly used fixing method for clothing metal tags;

Sometimes there is just a hole on one side for the metal tags to be hanging. It is the mostly used fixing method for metal jewelry tags.

Sew on metal tags
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Adding rivets and plate backside

Adding rivets and plate backside. Rivets could be two or three or more, then create a metal plate according to rivets. Using a special pressing machine (motor-machine or hand-machine), pressing the rivets, the rivets shape will change and stuck into the plate. The advantage is that from frontside customers cannot see fixing mark.

It is usually used for handbags metal labels. (If you need to install tools during the customization process, we can also provide tools.)


Adding foldable legs and plate

It is similar to a rivet. Customers also cannot see fixing marks from metal label frontside, but its simpler to install it on handbag, it can be installed without any tools. Penetrate the foldable legs into handbag, adjust the legs space into the plate so that they can be stuck well.

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Adhesive metal labels

With glue backside. The metal label will be glued directly, so the metal label should be small and thin, because the label will fall if it is heavy. It can be pasted on the surface of furniture, bottles or metal equipment.


Tell us about your application, we will use a high-performance 3M adhesive. You can also choose metal stickers, the stickers will be thinner and lower cost.

Adding nails or screws backside

Nails and screws are very strong, they are stronger than adhesive metal labels. They are mainly used for furniture metal labels.


Reusable metal name tags

Adding magnetic or pin back. It is very simple, like normal safety pin, can take off after attaching, reusable. Usually used in company badges, staff badges. Printing the company logo on metal plate can promote the brand well.
You can also design a beautiful brooch and give it to your customers as a jewelry gift.


In addition to different metal tags fixing methods, you can also custom different metal tags colors.
If you have any questions, you can contact us via email or WhatsApp. We provide one-to-one professional services to solve problems quickly.

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