Woven Labels with Own Logo Name for Clothing

“ClothingTAGs.cn” custom woven name labels , which are mainly used for clothing, shoes and hats, home textiles, toys, handbags, suitcases, ties, etc.. By using high-quality materials and logo sewing crafts, our labels can ensure excellent quality and durability. Our MOQ is small quantity to meet the needs of small businesses.

Woven name labels for clothing

Woven labels with personalized name will make your clothing more attractive. Thus, create a personalized name woven labels from us will impress your customers.
We can customize the materials, sizes, colors and technique according to your needs.
You can choose soft and matte damask woven labels, which are woven with fine yarn,  high density, woven logo is clear, and the colors can be arbitrarily matched.
You can also choose a soft and luster satin woven labels, its yarn density is not high, but there are woven edge on the top and bottom, looks more high-end.

Woven labels for clothing
Satin Woven Labels Photo Gallery
woven labels with own logo
Damask Woven Labels Photo Gallery

The woven labels has the characteristics of high end, firm color and soft hand feeling.
Each woven labels with own logo has a different color.  The correct matching of the logo’s definition and color determines the overall effect of the woven labels. We guarantee that the real product font is beautiful and clear, we will choose the most similar yarn color according to your design, to minimize the color difference. (If your color requirements are very strict, we can match yarn color according to Pantone card for your confirmation, then make sample first)
You can boldly use creative fonts and bright colors to personalize your woven label. Because we have professional designers advising about the size, material, color and technique. Our good suggestions and woven labels design can meet your customization needs.

Logo yarn options
  1. Ordinary yarn: logo matte
  2. Glossy yarn, the logo is slightly shiny, and the color will be more vivid than ordinary yarn.
  3. gold yarn and silver yarn: Shiny, Yarn density is not high.
Woven labels back
  1. Spread yarns on the whole background
    Will be thicker than ordinary woven labels, and the hardness will increase.
  2. Iron on woven name labels
    Add hot melt adhesive to the back of the woven labels, you just need to iron it.
Woven label fold types
  1. End fold
  2. Straight cut
  3. Center fold
  4. Miter fold
  5. Manhattan fold
  6. Die cut
  7. Loop fold
  8. Roll form
Add textures in background

To quote price, pls offer below information:

  1. Tell us online about the size, material, color and technique requirements.
    If you need to produce according to the actual sample, please ship us the actual sample; if there is a picture or design, please also send us.
  2. We quote according to your requirements, actual sample or design
  3. After placing order, we will make computer design for your approval, then start production.
    if you need see samples, we will make free PP samples.
    If you just want to make samples first, there is sampling fee 10us dollar
  4. After you confirm the design or sample, we will confirm the delivery deadline

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