Best Hang Tag Design Inspiration and Ideas

Clothing hang tag is the business card of clothing and the best tool for writing brand story. Look for the best hang tag design inspiration and ideas in terms of color, content, shape, material, printing technology, string, etc. (We provide free design)

Hang tag design ideas

Hang tag design ideas
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  1. Simple and stylish pure color hang tag design is the choice of most brands, black and white or unique brand colors. This is a timeless style and cheap.
  2. Four-color print vivid colors, gradient colors or photos can make the hang tag express more details. It can give consumers a more intuitive feeling, and the cost is slightly higher.
  3. Based on logo design, you can add website, ingredient description, origin, thank you words etc. (We can provide one-to-one free design.)
  4. Determine the shape and size of the hang tag. Round, square, rounded corners, heart, triangle, etc. The size needs to be selected according to the content of the hang tag. (We can provide advice)
    For rectangle shape: about 100*50mm, such as 90*40mm 90*25mm 125*65mm (or customized)
    For round/square shape: about 50-100mm, such as 90*90mm 40*40mm 55*55mm (or customized).

Hang tag design inspiration

Design inspiration can be obtained from different hang tag material, hang tag string, and hang tag printing technique.

  1. Choose the appropriate hang tag material, you can choose different thickness (generally 0.3-1mm) and background texture.
    Material: coated paper, black card, white card, kraft paper, tracing paper, special paper, plastic, PVC, metal, etc.
    Thickness: General paper has 150 grams, 180 grams, 200 grams, 250 grams, 300 grams, 350 grams, 450 grams, etc.
  2. Matching hang tag string: hang tag string with logo, hang tag string with safety pin, hang tag fastener without logo, plastic hang tag string.
  3. Choose the hang tag printing technique: foil bronzing/silver, UV, glossy/matte film, silk screen, embossing/engraving, etc.
  4. Add or not add the metal eyelet of the hang tag,

Two common problems with label design

  1. There is no vector diagram, which will affect the printing quality. If the design is not high-definition, the printing will be unclear. (We can turn unclear designs into vector designs)
  2. The text is too small, the printing is not clear, the embossing and UV effects are not good. (We provide the best advice). (Generally, the smallest printed font is 4pt, the smallest font with UV effect is 6pt)

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