Hang Tag Examples and Design Samples

Hang tags are the best tool to promote your clothing brand and can’t be ignored. Some examples and samples of popular high-end hang tags can inspire you to create hang tag design that catch your customers’ attention.

Hang Tag Examples and Design Samples

Hang Tag Photo Gallery

Paper Hang Tag Examples And Samples

Some tags are used to express your logo, or press a picture. Accordingly, these hang tag should choose very good paper;

  • Simple black logo and white background with a 1mm thick white card. The natural paper texture paired with the white ribbon hang tag string gives it a high-end, elegant look.
clothing hang tag examples 1729
clothing hang tag examples 1873
  • Simple black card and gleaming gold logo add a mysterious and luxurious look to the hang tag. The hang tag string that matches the gold logo on the black background is a popular option for high-end brands.
clothing hang tag Design Samples
  • Bright colors and smooth coated paper make a beautiful match. The smooth finish gives a clean and uncluttered look.
hang tag examples
hang tag examples 1693
  • Vintage kraft paper, with natural brown color, printed black or white logo, is very popular. Rustic kraft paper tag with cotton, wax rope or flax rope is very suitable for jeans series.
clothing tags examples 1
clothing tags examples 4
  • Clear tracing paper, with smooth black tag, has a unique layered effect.
clothing tags examples 5
clothing tags examples 1631

Other Hang Tag Samples

The hang tag material are usually all kinds of paper papers, and there is other material like metal, plastic, PVC. Paper hang tags are very common and mostly used in clothing and related products.

  • If your clothing is of very strong feeling, like leather jacket and bags, you can use leather hang tags which has special texture.
leather hang tags 1832
  • If your clothing is swimwear or sportswear, you can use plastic or PVC tag because they are waterproof.
hang tag design samples 1060
hang tag design samples 1636
  • And some tags can even use as thank you card and business card, these paper is usually in large dimension.
hang tag design samples 10
  • And some tags can be used to show care instructions and show sizes, these tags can use very simple paper, appearance is not so important;
  • Hang tags can have different shapes, most common shape is rectangular, square, round, but you can customize the shape according to your logo shape. For example, even your logo shape is like a bear shape, that’s okay.
  • Hang tags thickness are different. From 0.2 mm to 2 mm, you can choose according to your products style. The thicker paper, the heavier feeling. Most clothing tag will use 1 mm thick around; while, earrings and necklace usually use very thin paper like 0.5 mm paper.

1.8 mm Thick


1 mm Thick


0.5 mm Thick

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