Custom plastic packaging bags printing for clothing

“” custom high-quality plastic packaging bags, widely used in clothing packaging, mailing envelopes, shopping, gifts and all retail products.
We are professional to make your design or idea more perfect, we can carefully design a special plastic packaging bag for your brand.

plastic bags with design
Plastic packaging bags catalogue
  • You have multiple options:
  1. Mainly for packagingReusable plastic zipper bag (with plastic zipper in the opening)–reusable
    Plastic hook bag (can be installed hooks according to your needs)–reusable
    Plastic self-adhesive bag (with self-adhesive seal attached to the opening)–single use
    Plastic heat sealing bag (without any treatment in the opening)–single use
  2. Mainly for shoppingPlastic tote bag
    Plastic handle bag
  3. Other typesWe have a variety of technique and multi-color printing technologies. We can custom high-quality plastic packaging bags of any size and any color according to your needs.
    We guarantee the bag logo is clear, odorless, soft to the touch and not easily deformed and broken.
    If you don’t have a design or have a good idea, we will provide professional suggestions and design, to make beautiful and low-cost plastic packaging bags on your needs.
  • Details

Material: OPP, PE, PVC, PET, LDPE, HDPE, CPE, PP, CPP, PBAT, etc. (can provide samples or pictures / we will provide suggestions accordingly)
Technique: frosted, transparent, holographic, hot foil gold/silver, adding plastic hooks, etc.
Color: to your needs
Size: to your needs

Bags made with the highest quality materials, make your brand perfect

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