Size of paper bags | standard size of paper bags

Many clients would ask “what is the standard size of paper bags” before paper bags customised. We would say that there is no standard size, but there are some regular size which most customers have produced before. In same industry, the bags size used are often similar. Here are some regular size for your reference.

In shopping industry like supermarket, regular size of paper bags are:
Option1: 400mm×285mm×80mm
Option2: 320mm×260mm×40mm

shopping bags sizes 400mm 285mm 80mm shopping bags sizes 320mm 260mm 40mm

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Paper bags with handle | brown paper bags handle

Handle is a part of a paper bags, but also dependent from paper bags. Once you have well designed a paper bags and chosen paper bags material, you need also consider the matching of a good handle.
You need consider in two aspects: paper bags handle’s material and paper bags handle’s connection structure.

Paper bags handle usually are ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, paper handle(brown paper bags handle), three-stranded rope, herringbone tape, single/twill jersey tape, hemp rope etc.
  1. The ribbon is very popular, the surface is very smooth and flat with a little shiny effect, the ribbon always express luxury signal to people; but it is not so strong as other handles.
    paper bags with handle 598
  2. The grosgrain ribbon is the most commonly used ribbon, the texture is one line by on line with concave-convex feeling, it is mainly made of polyester.
    paper bags with handle 557
  3. The three-strand rope is made of polyester, nylon, polypropylene and other material. It has the characteristics of high strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
  4. The hemp rope refers to the fiber rope of all kinds of hemp plants, often paired with brown paper bags
    brown paper bags handle 612
  5. The paper handle, is made of paper, it has a strong bearing capacity, but compared with the cloth handle, the interface between the paper handle and the bag body is easier to break. Therefore, paper handle carrying handbags are often used to pack small crafts and accessories. Also often paired with brown paper bags
    brown paper bags handle 613
  6. The herringbone tape mainly is woven with cotton textile and formed into a “herringbone” shape; the texture is typical. The features are not easy to shrink or deform, feels thicker and comfortable.
  7. The single/twill jersey tape are two classic weaving methods of fabric. The texture is very smooth. The warp and weft yarns are interwoven one by one, but the density is not high.
There are two main styles for the connection structure of the paper bags with handle. (connect handle to bags)
  1. First style is that make total four holes at each side of paper bags, put the handle through the holes, knot the handle ends or add plastic buckles, then the handles will be stuck, this kind structure is very strong, can hold very heavy things in bags.
    paper bags with handle 566
  2. Second types is that cut four cracks inside of bags top, put the handles into the cracks, then glue it. This style is always for good look, but it is not strong to hold heavy things.
    You can add rivets to make it firm.
    paper bags with handle 554

Custom printed packaging boxes with logo

We customize various types of printed packaging boxes with logo, which mainly used for packaging shoes, bags, clothing, gifts and other products.

We can print logos or images in various colors according to your needs. If you logo is just a  jpg, we can convert them into vector graphics, so that the logo will print clearly. In addition to logo printing, we can add texture on box surface.
You can choose different paper of different thickness, and can also choose different folding ways.
You can also decorate box with ribbons, labels or wrapping paper, etc., or add lining inside. These products can also be personalized

Packaging design for boxes
Packaging boxes catalogue

Our packaging box is of good quality with accurate size, you can customize various shapes and sizes (rectangular, square, polygonal, cylindrical, etc.).
With high-quality paper, professional advice and design assistance, we can customize high-quality packaging boxes according to your design or ideas.
If you want a personalized box, please send us the details of the box: size, material, color, technique etc. (Also send samples or pictures if you have).

Our box can be foldable or with cover and lid, besides, strong magnetic can be added to make the box open and close repeatedly. All in all, our boxes are very durable and can be reused for a long time.

Size: according to your needs (if you not know, please provide size of your packaged items).
Material: corrugated paper, gray board, kraft paper, special paper, black card, white card, art paper, etc.
Color: according to your needs.
Technique: hot stamping gold or silver, film matte or bright, UV, reverse UV, frosted, emboss or deboss etc.
Others: ribbons, wrapping paper, stickers, etc.
Lining: EVA, sponge, paper, velvet, satin cloth, etc.