luxury paper bags printing – manufacturing process

Luxury paper bags printing, our capabilities include all manufacturing processes.

  1. Design

    The design of paper bags is a key part of the entire production process, it determines the choice of paper bags size, materials, technique and functions behind.
    paper bags design

  2. Choosing paper bags material

    We choose paper bags material based on the design or your requirements, then we buy large pieces paper from market.
    Kraft paper has good toughness, high strength but rough surface; card paper (white card/black card) has good stiffness but poor toughness; coated/art paper can print very rich colors, but its stiffness is worse than card paper.
    brown paper bags printed 563

  3. Printing

    We printed on paper bags based on the design, but sometimes there is no printing because logo is not by printed—by hot stamping, UV etc.

  4. Surface treatment
    We will add technique on paper bags surface-to express your logo on paper surface. Usually techniques are UV, hot stamping gold/ silver, embossing/ engraving.
    luxury paper bags printing 582
  5. Film/lamination

    Film is covering paper bags surface with a layer of 0.012-0.020 mm thick transparent plastic film; it usually divides into matte film and glossy film. The film can increase the concentration of color, and make paper waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-aging, tear resistance and puncture resistance. It can give people a soft, high-end, comfortable feeling.

  6. Die cutting

    Now we will put the large well-treated papers on knife mold, cutting papers into required shape and size, it’s the basis of a paper bag shape.

  7. Handwork add bags handle

    The main work is to glue the paper into a bag, then adding the paper bags handle.
    paper bags with handle 586

  8. Quality inspection and packaging

    Finally, we pick out the defective products and use perfect packaging to avoid damage in the process of transportation.

Our paper bags have a perfect professional appearance, making your luxury brand appear high-end.
Contact us if you need luxury paper bags printing, we will give you good quotation

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