Custom PVC Military Tactical Patches

Best custom PVC military tactical velcro patches, add a funny 3d layering effect to your military uniform, hats, backpacks and more. You can customize any size, color, shape, logo, name, etc., and your creativity will be easily realized.

We customize high-quality pvc military tactical patches at favorable prices with no minimum. Easily create unique tactical gear patches for your army, club, etc.

We use high-quality environmentally friendly PVC materials to create military tactical patches, which have super adhesion and durability for use in harsh environments. It’s water-resistant, resistant to extreme temperatures, compression, tearing, and more. It an excellent choice for military, tactical, and outdoor apparel patches.

PVC Military Tactical Patches Type

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2D PVC Patches

2D PVC patch is the most used PVC patch, because its production process is simpler, lower cost, and more suitable for the appearance of most logos. It has a flat logo.

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3D PVC Patches

The 3D PVC patch is difficult to produce and costs more, it can highlight the logo.


Glows in the Dark

We can match your color accurately. You can also choose a fluorescent color that glows in the dark.

PVC Military Tactical Patches Backing

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Sewing Channel

Create a sewing channel for sewing.

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Velcro Backing

Add Velcro, the patch can be easily removed and re-fixed.



3D silicone heat transfer, can only make thin patches.

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PVC patches are ideal for outdoor clothing due to their unique durability. In addition to the military, police, air force, etc., they are also favored by sports brands. Whether it’s for bags, clothing, hats, luggage tags, etc., it’s an excellent choice


Our PVC patches are very cheap, the more you customize, the lower the price. It requires a one-time mold fee, and different designs and sizes will affect the price

Contact us via Email or WhatsApp, we provide one-on-one customer service and can accurately customize the pvc military tactical patches you want. Just send your design, logo, text, size, quantity and other information, we will quickly reply to you and quote you.

We provide free design service and will provide detailed digital samples and 3D effects before customization to confirm and improve the details with you. After production is completed, we will take photos for you to confirm before shipping to ensure that every patch is perfect and of high quality.

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