Embroidery Patch Photo Gallery

You can choose reference images (high-quality embroidery patches with a three-dimensional effect) from below embroidery patches designs. Pls send us inquiries with your ideal images.
Yarn: ordinary embroidery thread, silver thread, gold thread, towel embroidery, etc.
Base fabric: felt cloth, twill, leather, etc.
Edge: woven edging (narrower border), embroidered edging (wider border), trimming (no border), etc.
Back: hot melt adhesive, Velcro (hook surface, fiber surface), etc.
(can also customize the woven patches)

embroidered-patches-837 embroidered-patches-804 embroidered-patches-818
embroidered-patches-805 embroidered-patches-882 embroidered-patches-843
embroidered-patches-856 embroidered-patches-838 embroidered-patches-824
embroidered-patches-859 embroidered-patches-841 embroidered-patches-826
embroidered-patches-803 embroidered-patches-815 embroidered-patches-817
embroidered-patches-883 embroidered-patches-842 embroidered-patches-816

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