Metal Cord End Caps

Custom and wholesale different types of metal cord end caps for elastic cords, leather cords, clothes, backpacks, shoelaces, lanyards, tassels, jewelry, etc. You can choose any style, size, metal color, or customize your logo.

(Without Loop) Screw Fixation, With Lid, With Sewn., or Knotted Fastened. You can choose the metal cord end style from our website or send the style from elsewhere. If you need elastic cords, leather cords, etc., you can also contact us to obtain them.

Different Types of Cord End Caps

Screw Fixation

Metal-Cord-End-Caps-01 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-02 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-03 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-04
Metal-Cord-End-Caps-05 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-06 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-07 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-08
Metal-Cord-End-Caps-09 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-10 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-11 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-12
Metal-Cord-End-Caps-13 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-14 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-15 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-16
Metal-Cord-End-Caps-19 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-20 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-17 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-18
Metal-Cord-End-Caps-21 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-23 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-22 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-24
Metal-Cord-End-Caps-28 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-26 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-27 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-25
Metal-Cord-End-Caps-29 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-30 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-31 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-32
Metal-Cord-End-Caps-33 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-34 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-35 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-36
Metal-Cord-End-Caps-37 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-38 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-39 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-40
Metal-Cord-End-Caps-46 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-43 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-42 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-41
Metal-Cord-End-Caps-44 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-45

With Lid

Metal-Cord-End-Caps-47 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-48 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-49 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-50
Metal-Cord-End-Caps-51 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-52 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-53 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-54
Metal-Cord-End-Caps-55 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-56

Knotted Fastened

Metal-Cord-End-Caps-057 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-058 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-059 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-060
Metal-Cord-End-Caps-061 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-062 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-063 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-064
Metal-Cord-End-Caps-065 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-066 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-067 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-068
Metal-Cord-End-Caps-069 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-070 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-071 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-072
Metal-Cord-End-Caps-073 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-074 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-075 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-076
Metal-Cord-End-Caps-080 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-079 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-078 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-077
Metal-Cord-End-Caps-081 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-082 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-083 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-084
Metal-Cord-End-Caps-088 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-087 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-086 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-085
Metal-Cord-End-Caps-089 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-090 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-091 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-092
Metal-Cord-End-Caps-096 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-094 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-095 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-093
Metal-Cord-End-Caps-097 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-099 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-098


Metal-Cord-End-Caps-109 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-110 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-111 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-112
Metal-Cord-End-Caps-113 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-114 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-115 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-116
Metal-Cord-End-Caps-117 Metal-Cord-End-Caps-118

Best Metal Cord Ends

We provide high quality metal cord end at competitive prices with low MOQ. We make sure it’s strong and won’t fade or fall off. These high-quality cord end caps, with smooth metal surface, will add the most elegant decoration to your cord end. Used for hoodies, jackets, coats, sportswear, outdoor wear, or bags, we support custom and wholesale of any style , will match the best cord end cap for your product.

One on One Customer Service

Contact us via Email or WhatsApp, we provide one-on-one customer service and can accurately custom and wholesale metal cord ends. Just send the style picture, color, quantity, rope size, or hole size and other information, and we will quickly reply and quote.

If you need a custom logo or new design, we provide free design and will send detailed digital samples and 3D rendering to confirm and improve the details.

Other items you may be interested in: Metal Cord Locks, Strap Sliders Buckles, D Rings, Swivel Snap Hooks, Metal Zipper Pulls, Metal Labels, etc.

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