Woven patches design

You can choose reference images (sew or iron on or Velcro buckles) ) from below Woven patches design. Pls send us inquiries with your ideal images, you can custom woven edging (narrower border), embroidered edging (wider border), trimming (no border), etc. Back: hot melt adhesive, Velcro (hook surface, fiber surface), etc. (can also customize thethree-dimensional effect logo)

woven-patches-472 woven-patches-453 woven-patches-456
woven-patches-454 woven-patches-461 woven-patches-458

woven-patches-452 woven-patches-455 woven-patches-459
woven-patches-457 woven-patches-462 woven-patches-460
woven-patches-465 woven-patches-473 woven-patches-474
woven-patches-466 woven-patches-469 woven-patches-471
woven-patches-467 woven-patches-468 woven-patches-470
woven-patches-464 woven-patches-463

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