Custom printed hang tags | luxury swing tags

Custom printed luxury swing tags & hang tags can write your brand story. How to print it on hang tags? you have many choices: printing, embossed, foil or UV. Choose different hang tag material; choose the best logo technology can make your high-end brand stand out.

Custom printed hang tags

Printing is the most used technique, it can custom printed any color ideally like gradient color, pictures etc. One important note is that if you want to print very good effect while your logo color is very complex, pls choose art paper/coated paper.

Custom printed hang tags
Hang tag images

Engraved and Embossed hang tags

Engraving and embossing is to press on hang tag by using a mold (your logo shape of course). Press in front, logo is engraved; press backside, logo is embossed. You can press hang tag either with printing first or not. Just bear in mind: your logo must be simple and of large fonts, so that the press effect is best.

Embossed Luxury hang tags

Hot-foil hang tags

Hot stamping/foil. Firstly, put a very thin metal paper on hang tags, then hot press it, then your logo will leave on hang tag in metallic style, looks shiny. The normal metallic color is gold, silver, rose gold, besides there are many other different colors metallic paper you can choose.


Printed UV hang tag

UV is very simple; the main function is to make your logo looks shiny (like water shiny). UV is clear, without any color, so it will reflect the color of background, if background is black, UV is black; background is white, UV is white. Some designer would choose print first, then UV, so the logo looks very special.

uv hang tag

Custom hang tags for clothing may have some other special techniques to express your luxury swing tags, you can send us reference pictures via email or WhatsApp, we may meet your needs, because we know the industry very well.

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