Metal Cord Lock & Stop

Custom wholesale the best metal cord locks & stops for clothing, jackets, backpacks, shoelaces, sweatpants, tents, paracord, etc. You can choose the spring metal cord lock style from our website or send the style from elsewhere. Or contact us for more styles, choose any size and metal color, or even custom your own design and logo.

Different Types of Metal Cord Locks

We produce metal cord lock and other metal accessories in any style, size and color. For example, cylinder, ball, flat, rope end, etc. Single hole or double hole, large size or small size, or custom your own logo, design, etc., Tell us what you want, we can make your ideas come true easily. If you have any questions, please contact us, we are very Happy to help.

Wholesale Metal Cord Locks

Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-01 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-02 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-03 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-04
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-05 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-06 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-07 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-08
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-09 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-10 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-11 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-12
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-13 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-20 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-19 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-14
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-15 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-16 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-18 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-17
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-21 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-22 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-23 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-24
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-25 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-26 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-27 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-28
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-29 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-30 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-31 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-32
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-33 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-34 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-35 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-36
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-37 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-38 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-39 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-40
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-41 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-42 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-43 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-44
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-45 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-46 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-47 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-48
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-49 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-50 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-51 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-52
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-53 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-54 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-55 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-56
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-57 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-58 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-59 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-60
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-61 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-62 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-63 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-64
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-66 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-67 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-68 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-69

Custom Metal Cord Locks

Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-071 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-072 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-073 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-074
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-075 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-076 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-077 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-078
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-070 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-079 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-080 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-081
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-082 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-083 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-084 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-085
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-086 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-087 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-088 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-089
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-090 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-091 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-092 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-093
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-094 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-095 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-096 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-097
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-098 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-099 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-100 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-101
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-102 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-103 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-104 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-105
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-106 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-107 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-108 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-109
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-110 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-111 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-112 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-113
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-114 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-115 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-116 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-117
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-118 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-117 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-118 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-119
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-120 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-121 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-122 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-123
Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-124 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-128 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-126 Metal-Cord-Lock-Stop-127

Best Metal Cord Locks

We offer high quality spring metal cord stops at competitive prices and low MOQ. These spring rope locks are strong and durable enough to effectively prevent the cord from slipping out, and are hard and waterproof enough to be used outdoors. Choose the best quality cord locks to give your project a professional finishing.

Best Service

Contact us via Email or WhatsApp, we provide one-on-one customer service and can accurately custom and wholesale the metal cord stops you want. Just send the rope diameter, hole size, color, logo, design, quantity or style pictures and other information, we will quickly reply and quote. (Note: The cord diameter needs to be 1mm smaller than the hole diameter)
If you need a custom logo and new design, we will free provide detailed digital samples and 3D rendering to confirm and improve the details. Just tell us your special needs and we’ll do a great job with everything you want.

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