Custom Furniture Labels Supplier | Metal tags

For a successful furniture brand, brand labels are essential. It is the signature of the artwork and can leave a positive and lasting brand impression. We are a high-quality furniture labels supplier, serving more than 5,000 brands, and providing a variety of custom high-quality labels for global brands, including metal tags, woven labels, rubber labels, hang tags, etc.

Custom metal tags for furniture

Metal tags are high-end furniture labels, and the price is also the most expensive. You can choose various colors of metal tags to match your wooden furniture, bronze, gold, silver, etc. You can also emboss logos in various colors. Our metal tags are beautiful and durable, and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They will not rust and have strong color fastness. You can choose adhesives, perforations, nails, etc. to attach metal tags to your wooden furniture. We will provide 3D renderings for your confirmation before production, and take every excellent design seriously.

Custom metal tags for furniture
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Gold plated name tags | Gold metal name badges

Gold metal name badges are the most commonly used metal badges. Most companies choose gold plated name tags, because it can match the clothing perfectly. Especially black formal wear, gold name tags and black formal wear can blend together well. The shiny gold can make the brand logo, or name, more prominent. Of course, you can also choose to customize metal badges in other colors. Such as silver,bronze, black, etc.


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Custom metal logo tags and accessories for handbags

We custom metal logo tags and metal accessories for handbags. You can choose any metal color and logo technology.

Many clients think metal tags and metal accessories colors are limited because they think metal colors are limited, what they often see is gold or silver maybe. Actually, metal label colors are various, the color can be electroplated, spray print, filled with epoxy.

Electroplating alloy tags

Electroplating alloy: The electroplating process is using the principle of electrolysis to coat a layer of metal on a alloy. The electroplating effect is luxury, metal tags surface looks shiny and smooth, and colors are many, like gold, silver, gun metal, rose gold, anti-brass etc. (Visit the color catalogue). It is the most commonly used colors for metal tags and metal accessories.
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Custom metal name plates | Reusable metal name tags

We can custom metal name plates of any attachment methods according to your requirements.
What are the methods for attach the metal name plate? Our professional experience will teach you some popular attaching methods.
You can choose reusable metal name tags (magnetic or pin back or other methods), or sewing, adhesive, rivets and plate backside, foldable legs and plate, nails backside.

Custom metal name plates

Reusable metal name tags

Adding magnetic or pin back. It is very simple, like normal safety pin, can take off after attaching, reusable. Usually used in company badges, staff badges. Printing the company logo on metal plate can promote the brand well.
You can also design a beautiful brooch and give it to your customers as a jewelry gift.

Reusable metal name tags 0919

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Metal engraved name tags with logo

First of all, metal name tags can be customized into any shapes according to your logo or text, mainly can be divided into logo engraved, hollow logo, logo itself shapes and logo embossed.

Engraved metal name tags:

This kind metal tag is often a flat plate, the plate can be round, square or any other shapes; the logo engraved the plate is often very simple or a few letters. The logo sinks into the plate. You can also filling any logo color (we can customize the logo color according to the PANTONE color card, it can make the color more accurate).


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Metal Tags for Clothing | Metal Labels

We custom high-quality metal tags and labels, mainly used for clothing, including bags, shirts, jeans, hats, etc.
It also used for metal jewelry tags, nameplates, key chains, dog tags, buttons, zipper pulls, etc.

Metal Tags for Clothing
Metal label catalogue

High-end clothing brands choose metal tags as clothing accessories, is a good choice. It can used with leather labels, to make your clothing more high-end.
And choosing a good metal labels supplier is very important, price and MOQ are very important factors. Our MOQ is low, you can send your request, we can give you a preferential price.
In addition to the price, the quality of the metal tags is very important. Our metal tags surface is smooth and bright, and the electroporating color is uniform, scratch resistant, corrosion resistant, and waterproof. It can be used on swimwear.

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