Gold plated name tags | Gold metal name badges

Gold metal name badges are the most commonly used metal badges. Most companies choose gold plated name tags, because it can match the clothing perfectly. Especially black formal wear, gold name tags and black formal wear can blend together well. The shiny gold can make the brand logo, or name, more prominent. Of course, you can also choose to customize metal badges in other colors. Such as silver,bronze, black, etc.


Gold plated name tags

Custom metal name plates generally use copper, aluminum, zinc alloy and other materials, because they will not rust, and are durable, corrosion-resistant, and scratch-resistant. For gold plated name tags, zinc alloy is the best choice, because gold plated zinc alloy tags has a very smooth and bright surface with bright colors. Of course, you can also choose a matte surface. It also has a higher hardness and will look more high-end. And the cost is low.


Custom the gold metal name badges for your company. Choose different attachment methods (magnetic and pin back). Its logo can be an engraved name tags (concave or raised) or a printed metal tags (flat logo).
You can also add texture (brushed)
Personalized metal tags shape (trapezoid, square, round, bevel, or unique logo shape)
Size: The metal tags can be customized in any size, and we can customize a very small size, on the basis of ensuring a clear logo. (We can provide professional advice)


Contact us to get a personalized gold metal name badges to shape your brand and make your brand more attractive.
If our website pictures do not have the style you want, you can send us an email to get more picture options and free samples, and you can also provide your ideas and company logo, name, title and other information. We can design according to your requirements. (We provide free design service)

Custom metal logo tags and accessories for handbags

We custom metal logo tags and metal accessories for handbags. You can choose any metal color and logo technology.

Many clients think metal tags and metal accessories colors are limited because they think metal colors are limited, what they often see is gold or silver maybe. Actually, metal label colors are various, the color can be electroplated, spray print, filled with epoxy.

Electroplating alloy tags

Electroplating alloy: The electroplating process is using the principle of electrolysis to coat a layer of metal on a alloy. The electroplating effect is luxury, metal tags surface looks shiny and smooth, and colors are many, like gold, silver, gun metal, rose gold, anti-brass etc. (Visit the color catalogue). It is the most commonly used colors for metal tags and metal accessories.
Custom metal logo tags 0913

Printed metal tags

Spray printing: It is a method of atomizing paint through spray gun and coating it on object surface. The colors are unlimited, can printed any color based on pantone. The disadvantage is that the metal label surface is usually matte, and looks not so smooth. If your handbags is vintage style, the color effect is perfect.

Epoxy tags

Filling logo with epoxy: as words explain, epoxy color can only fill in metal tags logo, can not use for whole tag. Custom engraved logo on the metal tags surface, fill the logo gutter with epoxy liquid, after drying up, the epoxy looks like shiny plastic. Epoxy color is also very rich, can used any color based on pantone.
Metal accessories can also customize your logo.
epoxy name tags

In addition to logo and color, you can also add glass diamonds.
If you have pictures of metal tags and metal accessories styles, please send us. We can free design according to the style pictures, and provide a 1:1 3D draft. After confirming the design, we will produce.

Custom metal name plates | Reusable metal name tags

We can custom metal name plates of any attachment methods according to your requirements.
What are the methods for attach the metal name plate? Our professional experience will teach you some popular attaching methods.
You can choose reusable metal name tags (magnetic or pin back or other methods), or sewing, adhesive, rivets and plate backside, foldable legs and plate, nails backside.

Custom metal name plates

Reusable metal name tags

Adding magnetic or pin back. It is very simple, like normal safety pin, can take off after attaching, reusable. Usually used in company badges, staff badges. Printing the company logo on metal plate can promote the brand well.
You can also design a beautiful brooch and give it to your customers as a jewelry gift.

Reusable metal name tags 0919

The magnetic back and pin back also have their own advantages and disadvantages.
When using the pin back, you need to be careful of punctured by the pin. Of course, it will be very safe after attaching it, and it is very strong, will not fall off due to bumps. If the clothing are leather or expensive, it is recommended to use a magnetic back to avoid damage to the clothing by pin. The magnetic back will be more secure, but the cost will be higher, and heavier.

metal name tags magnetic

Sew on metal tags

Adding holes for sewing. There is usually a hole each side of metal tags, clothing factory can sew the metal tags on clothing; sometimes there is just a hole on one side for the metal tags to be hanging. It is the mostly used attaching method.

sew on metal tags for clothing 0882

Adding rivets and plate backside metal name plates

Rivets could be two or three or more, then create a metal plate according to rivets. Using a special pressing machine (motor-machine or hand-machine), pressing the rivets, the rivets shape will change and stuck into the plate. The advantage is that from frontside customers cannot see attaching mark.

metal rivet tags for clothing 0864

Adding foldable legs and plate metal name plates

Customers also cannot see attaching marks from metal name plates frontside, but its simpler to install it on handbags, it can be installed without any tools. Penetrate the foldable legs into handbags, adjust the legs space into the plate so that they can be stuck well.

attaching metal tags 0875

Adhesive metal labels

With adhesive back. The metal labels will be glued directly, so the metal labels should be small and thin, because the labels will fall if it is heavy. You can also choose metal stickers, the stickers will be thinner and lower cost.

custom adhesive metal labels

Adding nails backside

The nails are very strong, so that they are mainly used on wood furniture. Usually not used on clothing.

There are different attaching methods for custom metal name plates. You can choose the most suitable metal name plates according to your needs.

Custom metal jewelry tags supplier | Alloy tags

Metal tags can improve the quality of jewelry and promote the brand. Customizing metal tags for jewelry is a wise choice.
We are custom metal jewelry tags supplier, with more than 10 years of production experience and convenient custom services. You can choose various logo processes and metal materials for metal tags.

metal jewelry tags supplier 0930

Custom high quality metal jewelry tags, it is very important to choose the materials of metal tags.
There are many different metal materials that can be made into metal tags, like alloy, iron, Aluminum, steel, copper etc. Which material is best? Our more than 10 years’ experience confirm that is zinc alloy. Why? In below aspects the reasons will be revealed.

Metal tags color

Jewelry needs to be matched with smooth, bright, and color riches metal tags.
The zinc alloy has a smooth surface and rich colors. Because it is easier to electroplate colors than other metal material, so it can be electroplated many different colors like gold, rose gold, silver, brass, gun metal black etc. Besides electroplating, it can also engraved logo tags, fill logo of any color and laser flat logo.

custom metal jewelry tags 0929

From color fasten. Zinc alloy metal label is preservative, the color will not fade after washing even in salt water, and it will not get rusty.

Metal tags cost

From production technique: We all know metal labels is created from mold in which the metal liquid is poured and cooled before the metal label shape forms. Therefore, the metal must be easy to melt and clot at certain temperature. The zinc alloy has a low melting point, good fluidity, is easy for welding and shape forming. So, the cost of choosing zinc alloy as a metal jewelry tag will be relatively low. For start-up companies, they are more widely used.

We serve small businesses around the world. If you need custom metal jewelry tags, please send us your custom requirements: size, shape, color, etc. We can provide you with professional advice and free design assistance.

Metal Tags for Clothing | Metal Labels

We custom high-quality metal tags and labels, mainly used for clothing, including bags, shirts, jeans, hats, etc.
It also used for metal jewelry tags, nameplates, key chains, dog tags, buttons, zipper pulls, etc.

Metal Tags for Clothing
Metal label catalogue

High-end clothing brands choose metal tags as clothing accessories, is a good choice. It can used with leather labels, to make your clothing more high-end.
And choosing a good metal labels supplier is very important, price and MOQ are very important factors. Our MOQ is low, you can send your request, we can give you a preferential price.
In addition to the price, the quality of the metal tags is very important. Our metal tags surface is smooth and bright, and the electroporating color is uniform, scratch resistant, corrosion resistant, and waterproof. It can be used on swimwear.

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