Custom Heat Transfers For Hats

Create top heat transfers for your hats, truly professional and high quality with low MOQ.

Custom any style, logo, design, size, color, and absolutely durable heat transfers at a competitive price. We offer both flat heat transfer and 3d silicone heat transfer finishes, you just fix them easily with a hat heat press or iron.

Custom Heat Transfers For Hats
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Easily Custom Heat Transfers For Hats

Contact us by Email or WhatsApp, we provide one-on-one customer service, and will accurately custom heat transfers for your hats. Just send your logo, design, size, color, reference pictures and other information, our business manager will reply you quickly and quote.

We support artwork in any format, and support free designs. And set up a detailed digital sample for you within one day, send it to you for confirmation and then produce.

Create unique and premium branded hats, it’s that easy. We’ll make sure your brand remains as high quality as always.


Silicone Heat Transfer

Silicone heat transfer with 3d look is a high-end logo that can take your logo to the next level. Silicone heat transfer is soft, stretchy, and extremely durable. It can be customized in different styles, and it will match any hat style very well. (Thickness: 0.5mm-2mm optional.)

Set the temperature of the heat press: 160°C
Pressure: moderate pressure, 5kg
Pressing time: 8-15 seconds

Let it cool completely before lifting the veil.
Let the clothes stand for 40 hours before washing.


Flat heat transfer

Flat heat transfer can use full color printing, it is the most common heat transfer labels. It can be used for care labels.

Set the temperature of the heat press: 160-170°C
Pressure: moderate pressure, 5-6kg
Pressing time: 12-15 seconds

Let it cool completely before lifting the veil.
Let the clothes stand for 40 hours before washing.

Best Hat Heat Transfers

Our heat transfers services for brands, screen printers, corporations, community activities and schools, etc. Whether it is baseball caps, hats, T-shirts, shoes, clothing, bags, etc., it will be durable and fashionable. You can use any unique design to give your hats the best quality and look.

All of our heat transfers use high-quality environmentally friendly materials to ensure bright colors, washable and durable, and have excellent grip, with elastic and stretch properties. If you need custom multi-color hat heat transfers, we will ensure the color precise.

If you want a real sample, to test the washing and appearance, you can contact us to get a free sample pack for testing, the sample pack contains various heat transfer samples, and you can also choose the sample you want from our Photo Gallery.

On the top, front and side of your hat, print your desired heat transfer logo. You can also use them for clothing, shoes, bags, etc. In addition to hat heat transfers, you can also custom heat transfer patches for your hats, including woven patches, embroidered patches, leather patches, etc.

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