Custom Heat Transfers For Hats

Create top heat transfers for your hats, truly professional and high quality with low MOQ.

Custom any style, logo, design, size, color, and absolutely durable heat transfers at a competitive price. We offer both flat heat transfer and 3d silicone heat transfer finishes, you just fix them easily with a hat heat press or iron.

Custom Heat Transfers For Hats
Heat Transfer Label Photo Gallery
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Custom Main Neck Labels For Clothing

The neck labels is also called the main labels, it can add a unique brand name logo to your clothing, t-shirts, etc. heat transfer tagless labels, woven labels, or printed fabric labels.

We offer top back neck labels quality and service at competitive prices. You don’t need to download boring template and software, we offer a free design service, and no minimum.

Custom Main Neck Labels For Clothing
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Custom Heat Transfer Patches

Custom all types of heat transfer patches for your clothes, hats, t-shirts, shoes, footballs and more. Easily heat press your badges design and elevate your brand. Vinyl, 3d silicone, Embroidered, chenille, or leather. These premium heat transfer patches can be customized to any size, color and design you desire.

As the best heat transfer brand, we make sure to create the perfect high quality patch for you. We provide professional one-to-one customer service and can manufacture exactly the high-quality patches you want. Contact us via Email or WhatsApp, tell us your thoughts, we will reply quickly and quote.

Types of heat transfer patches


3D Silicone Patches

We use 3d silicone material which is higher quality than pvc and is environmentally friendly and safe.

heat press embroidery patches 818

Embroidered Patches

You can embroider any color you want with the best three-dimensional embroidery effect.

woven Heat Transfer Patches 809

Woven Patches

Can be woven in any color you want and clearly express your logo details.

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Reflective Heat Transfers

Custom high quality reflective heat transfers vinyl label for your safety clothing, sportswear, jackets, backpacks and more. We offer a variety of reflective heat transfers: silver, rainbow or 3D silicone or roll tape.

Silver logo

Safe Silver Reflective Heat Transfers is the most commonly used highly reflective heat transfer. It is silver in daylight and reflects direct light at night, which can play the same high visibility as during the day.

reflective heat transfer label
reflective heat transfer logo
reflective heat transfer tape

Rainbow logo

Brilliant rainbow color reflection heat transfers, has a unique appearance, suitable for fashion, street, sportswear.

rainbow reflective heat transfer vinyl
rainbow reflective heat transfer vinyl 2
rainbow reflective heat transfer vinyl 3

3D Silicone logo

3D reflective silicone heat transfer labels can make raised 3d effects of different thicknesses, such as: 0.5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, etc.

3D reflective silicone heat transfer labels
3D reflective silicone heat transfer labels 2
3D reflective silicone heat transfer labels 3
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Full Color Heat Transfers

Custom full color heat transfers, use heat pressing to easily complete your clothing projects.
Contact us for a one-on-one professional consultation and free designs.  Also send your artwork to create your own heat transfers project.

Full color digital heat transfer can choose any CMYK color, the color is not limited. Designs can be patterns, shadows, gradients, or even photographic photos. In addition to the unlimited colors, you can also use shiny gold and silver logos to make your clothing more upscale. All in all, we can make your personalized creativity a reality.

Full Color Heat Transfers 791
Full Color Heat Transfers 786
Full Color Heat Transfers 789
Patterns Full Color Heat Transfers 801


Gradients Full Color Heat Transfers


Photos heat-transfer-labels-772


Gold Full Color Heat Transfers 810

Gold logo

Silver heat-transfer-labels-792

Silver logo

Silver heat-transfer-labels-806

Silver logo

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Silicone 3D Rubber Heat Transfer Labels

Professional custom silicone 3d rubber heat transfer labels. Choose any color, thickness, shape and finish to create your own silicone heat transfer labels.

Soft and comfortable silicone heat transfer labels can make raised 3d effects of different thicknesses, such as: 0.5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, etc.

Flat, rhombus, arc, etc. Different shapes can present different logo styles.

Matte, glossy, clear, reflective or luminous, the different surface effects add more possibilities to your brand.

Silicone 3D Rubber Heat Transfer Labels


3d silicone heat transfer

Two Layer Color

silicone heat transfer labels 687


silicone heat transfer labels-641


silicone heat transfer labels-648



Arched Glossy





heat transfer patches 888


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