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Choose the most suitable style among different types of patches, we focus on customizing the best patches for your clothes, hats, etc.

Our articles and catalogs have the most professional patch introductions and pictures, such as: materials, design styles, prices, features, etc., which allow you to quickly understand and choose.

Custom Different Types of Patches

This article gives a general introduction to the patch, and you can learn more details on the custom page of each patch.

You can also contact us by Email or WhatsApp, we provide one-on-one customer service and free design, can provide you with professional advice and save a lot of time and cost.
Just send your budget, design, logo, material, size, quantity, ideas or reference pictures and other information, we will quickly reply to your inquiry or free quotation.

We have provided customization and design services for thousands of brands. Although you may not know much about patches, we will help you select and create the most durable and high-quality patches, ensure your products have the most professional branding look. We only do high quality., Customize and learn about patches with us, you will be extremely relaxed and professional.

How to choose the most suitable patches?

You only need to pay attention to your design, material and patches features, without knowing too much, we will make the most economical and high-quality choice for you.

Patches TypesPriceFeaturesMaterial
Woven Patches$Pros: Woven patches is economical and has a high-density logo, which can clearly express the details of your logo, and the smallest letter can be of 1.5mm height.
Cons: The logo is flat like the woven labels, it cannot choose a different base fabric, And there is same woven texture by default.
Woven logo and background
Embroidered Patches$$Pros: Embroidered patches has the 3D embroidery logo and texture. If you feel it is not 3D enough, you can also choose a super 3D logo.
Cons: Can’t embroider too small logo, the smallest letter needs to be 5mm high.
Twill base fabric, Felt base fabric, Embroidered logo
Chenille Patches$$Pros: Chenille patches has a furry towel logo texture, can express warmth feeling.
Cons: The 3D chenille logos have a very fluffy effect, so it cannot show details well, but you can combine it with an embroidery logo.
Felt base fabric, Chenille logo
PVC Patches$Pros: PVC patches is economical and has a amazing layering effect, multiple layers of colored rubber will bring a refreshing look.
Cons: PVC is not considered eco-friendly, but we use Eco-friendly PVC material, which is harmless to human body without eating and burning.
Eco-friendly PVC
Leather Patches$$$Pros: Leather patches use a variety of natural 100% genuine leather and faux leather to add a luxurious and high-end look, and are a common patch type for luxury brands.
Cons: The price is relatively high, but we offer the best prices and make sure to use high-quality leather.
100% genuine leather (pig leather, cattle leather, crocodile leather), Faux leather (PU leather, suede leather, holographic leather, Jacron), etc.
Silicone Heat Transfer Patches$$$Pros: Silicone heat transfer patches has 3D effect, Eco-friendly, nonpoisonous and tasteless. Children’s clothing can also use it, because it is very safe.
Cons: The price is more expensive than pvc, but we offer the best price and it is one of our popular products.
Eco-friendly Silicone
Metal Patches$$$Pros: Metal patches has a shiny metal logo, can add a luxurious high-end look, and it can be used in combination with leather
Cons: The price is relatively high, but we offer the best price and ensure the highest quality metal appearance.
Zinc alloy, aluminum, copper, stainless steel

Different product designs need to match different types of patches, find the perfect patch you need from us, our competitive price, fast turnaround time and high quality will exceed your expectations. Our low MOQ can meet the customization needs of both large and small brand, ensuring that each brand can obtain the most economical and high-quality patches in the most labor-saving way.

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