Faux leather labels VS Real leather label

There are mainly three types of leather which are used to custom leather labels: real/genuine leather labels, faux PU leather label, faux suede labels.

  1. The genuine leather label are from animal skins, like pig skin, cattle skin or crocodile skin. It has elegant appearance, soft and plump feel, good durability and flexibility, every genuine leather label has its unique texture, Real leather label usually is 2mm thickness, and feels heavy. But price is relatively higher.
    genuine leather label 0819
  2. Faux PU leather label is fake leather, it is one of the synthetic leathers, mainly using the PU resin. It is due to the high cost of real leather label leading to the popularity of synthetic leather label. The surface of Faux PU leather label looks very similar to real leather label, but its breathability, abrasion resistance, and cold resistance are not as good as genuine leather label. PU leather label is usually 1.2mm thickness, it feels light.
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  3. Faux suede labels also belongs to synthetic leather, also called suede microfiber labels. The main feature is that it is very soft to touch and slightly stretchable. faux suede labels both sides are of suede effect, so it is very soft, and it is very thin and light. Compare to Pu faux leather label, Faux suede labels is more durable.
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