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Custom personalized metal snaps and buttons, highlight your brand with engraved logo snap fasteners.

You can customize any logo, size, color, shape and snap fastening methods, and use them for any product, including leather work, clothing, hats, wallets, jeans, jackets, coats, etc.

Custom Snaps Buttons Logo Snap Fasteners
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Widely custom different styles of snap buttons, use the best appearance and fastening methods to match your artwork.

Custom Snaps Finishes

Custom snap finishes with any logo, size, color and shape.

Like rivets and tack buttons, our snap finishes can be customized in both copper and zinc alloy materials.

Copper material snaps is cheaper and very strong and durable.

Custom Snaps 802
custom logo snap fasteners 801
Custom Snaps 801

Zinc alloy material is thicker, more durable, and quality is better. So price is slightly higher.

Custom Snaps 801
custom logo snap fasteners 802
Custom Snaps 804

Different types of snap fasteners

Choose the fastening method that suits you, and we will match the same color and size according to your customized snap finish.

Option1: Most commonly used snap fastening method

custom rose gold snap buttons 803
custom logo snap fasteners 800
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4
Option 5
Option 6
Option 7

If you want other options, you can contact us, send the picture style you want, we can produce any style of snap buttons. For example, if you need thick leather snaps, please tell us the thickness of the leather.

Installing snap fasteners tool

You can easily installing snap fasteners with a hammer or machine.



  • Size: Common sizes are 1.2cm, 1.5cm, 1.7cm, 2cm. You can customize any size.
  • Color: gold, silver, gun metal, rose gold, anti-brass, etc. (Glossy and Matte finishes available)
  • Shape: round, square, triangle, logo shape, etc.
  • Logo: Just send your logo, design or text and other information.
  • Free design: If you need a new design, we can provide free professional design. In order to make your design more clear, we will provide a 1:1 3d rendering to confirm and improve the details with you. Make your artwork more perfect.

Custom Best Snaps and Buttons

We provide high-quality snap buttons at competitive prices and low MOQ, ensuring that all snap buttons, rivets and tack buttons, etc., are washable, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, non-fading, and easy to install and use. Whether used for jeans, bags or outdoor clothing, they are built to last.

If you want to custom snaps and buttons, please contact us by Email or WhatsApp, we provide one-on-one professional service. Just send your logo, design, size, color, snap button type, sample picture and other information, and we will reply you quickly and quote.

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